Battle of Salamanca 22 July 1812 (Edited sorry for the typo!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Baz44, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Happy Anniversary

    22nd July 1812 the most decisive battle in the Penninsula Wars took place at Salamanca.
    By 4pm the battle had begun Pakenhams 3rd Div were in full swing at the french from their left flank. Leiths 5th Div were about to attack the French from the North and Le Marchants Dragoons are on their way from the English right flank to cheers from the 5th.
    Either way Mamounts first impression the British were in retreat proved to be his downfall - shame.
    To round it off we captured the Eagles of the French 22nd and 62nd what a great victory!

    God bless all those brave guys and all those celebrating today

    All the Fours!
  2. Baz44 I am with you mate 8) but please change the typo in your title, 1912? :?
  3. Brilliant victory for The Peer. A good example of concise mission command, IIRC, when the boss told Packenham to "Move the 3rd Division, take the heights in front of you and drive everything before you !" It would probably need a seventy-eight page Op Order nowadays with twenty annexes/appendices and a shed-load of electric maps. Those were the's all in "Sharpe's Sword" so it must be true.

    (Sorry to be a pedant but I think the Frenchie was "Marmont").
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Light Infantry regimental day, I knew there was a reason I was drinking so early, and soon to be for the Rifles as all the constituent members had forebearers there! In fact just about every Infantry regiment in existence today probably some ancestor there!
  5. Quite, bit puzzled by title when first seen, thought 'that must have been one hell of a 100th anniversary p1ss-up'...