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Battle of Jutland - Website & Video

Bad CO

Just in by email is the following. It's a cracking website and fascinating film. Well worth a few minutes of your time if you have any interest in military history. Unsurprisingly it's very pro-Jellicoe but I guess that isn't really surprising!

Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral Jellicoe (of Jutland fame), has put together a really quite stunning website - - for the upcoming commemorations of the battle. The website gives incredible detail on the battle. He has brought together academics and naval personnel from a number of countries to produce the resource. It is obviously a labour of love, which must have also had a lot of resources thrown at it. In particular is a 24 minute long film - which uses animation and narration to describe the events of the battle. This is quite simply superb and the reason for this message. It is miles ahead of anything similar at Staff College. It deserves to get some attention.

I was hoping you could do something about that final point. Form reading some of the comments on the Jutland website and the comments under the film, it appears Nick is struggling to publicise them. Specifically it appears he is hoping to get the website/film into schools. I thought perhaps ARRSE may be able to do something about giving the website/film a little publicity and perhaps a teacher or two might take notice.​