Battle of Inkerman

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LanceBombardEars, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick post to acknowledge the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Inkerman, from which originated so many Battery battle honours.

    5th November 1854.

    Getting in early as I won't get a chance tomorrow.
    Cheers to all Inkerman soldiers past and present, especially those currently at FOB Inkerman.

    LBdr Ears, ex 156 Inkerman Bty RA
  2. Hi Ears, were 156 with 94 in Celle.? Excuse me if I am monging.
  3. Yes they were. 156 came back with 94 to Larkhill where they remained until 1993 when the Options for Change axe fell.

    Who needs a Locating Regiment anyway?
    Oh, hang on, haven't we got two now!

    Funny how things work out.
  4. Yes, but we need another one before the wheels fall off! Another Bty in Sunny Catterick in long over due.
  5. Maybe it's time to resurrect the sh*tehawk.
  6. Just to piss on your cornflakes, it isnt just your lot who have this as a battle honour.......

    Bloody planks, always trying to claim they did everything :)
  7. Gren,
    no exclusivity intended. You may have noticed that this was posted on a Gunner forum, as I was acknowledging my previous unit.

    I am aware that there were other units at Inkerman.
    Not claiming the RA did it all, just recognising that they did their bit.
  8. Funny you should say that, 32 are getting a new Bty, no idea which one, but you can live and dream

    No for the wifey to push the new sprog out today, oh yes
  9. Ironically, although the Battle was on the 5th Nov, 156 Battery Honour title was granted for the acts on 6th June 1855 when George Symons won the VC spiking the guns on Inkerman Heights.
  10. Not the only gunner battle honour on the 5th either, it's also Kirkee Day (1817) All the best to all gunners past and present honouring their predecessors today.
  11. The clue is in 'Ubique'------ :lol:
    156!! Fine Bty in its day!
  13. The 17th lancers stood under heavy fire, in reserve behind the guards, receiving many casualties to both men and horses