Battle of Darwin / Goose Green 30 years on

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by Pararegtom, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    On this day 30 years ago, 2 Para, left its start line and and approached and engaged a large enemy force ,it was Hard and gutter fighting we prevailed, leaving many of the enemy dead and wounded, we also lost men (17) and 3 score injured. Tonight I will be raising my glass too all the dead on and off the field. RIP " Utrinque Paratus"

    For you youngsters a link
    Battle of Goose Green
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  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I don't know why you still make such a big deal of it- it was only crossing miles of billiard table flat open land against a well dug in enemy. What could possibly have gone wrong?

    Enjoy your drink ;-)
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  3. After seeing the terrain myself many years later, the achievements of the British infantry (I'm including RM in that) in 1982 are astounding. Single battalion attacks on places such as Goose Green and Tumbledown almost defy contemplation.

    Just finished the book by that Secret Millionaire fella, Tony Banks; an excellent read.
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  4. Aye you bunch of noisy buggers, you also woke the civvies in Burntside on your way past. ^_~ Enjoy your dram.
  5. Hard to believe its 30 yrs ago.....a hard time.
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I had the very great pleasure today of speaking to a serving officer who commanded a platoon in 2 Para "30 years and 3 stones ago" as he put it. Not many of those left I'll wager. He also described it as the last proper war!
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  7. "It was perhaps the most remarkable individual action fought by a British batallion since the Second World War."

    Brigadier Julian Thompson RM
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  8. My feelings too on seeing the terrain several years after the event. A bunch of us flew courtesy of Bristows to just short of Goose Green. We then covered the the route that the Paras had taken. Amazed is not really the correct word, more like awed.
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  9. Once you've seen the terrain there you really do realise that bulldogs bollocks have better cover than any attacking force..
    Good action there boys, very well done to all involved.

    Sandy bottoms.
  10. RIP to all the Fallen. For, to a man, they had bigger bollocks than I could ever have!....Remember it unfolding like it was only yesterday!
  11. Rip to the fallen another who visted the Battle field and thought how the **** did rhey pull that off.
  12. The inspirational bravery and fortitude demonstrated by the Para's in this action is something that other infantrymen could only hope and pray they would equal if they were to be tested by similar odds. A legendary demonstration by superb troops of how to take the battle to the enemy and despite terrible casualties and the most arduous conditions, defeat the enemy and carry on fighting the war until the job was ultimately finished.
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  13. As a 14 year old lad at the time, to watch the whole campaign played out on the telly each night, it was like Commando comic come to life. It was only after joining up that I could truly appreciate the amazing feats that were achieved down there by all concerned but especially the PBI. To the lads who didn't come back, RIP.
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  14. I agree with RGJ Bloke, a bloody fine example. What did Monty say, 'Every man an emperor with balls as big as space hoppers'.
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