Battle of Crete

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Talos, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. On holiday in Crete I went running up the mountain every morning. Even though I was in shorts and trainers, I was absolutely knackered running up the hills there. I can't help thinking of the soldiers tabbing, and fighting, over those same hills in full kit. Unbelievable courage and determination.
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  2. There is a good documentary about the aftermath of the battle for Crete called "The 11th day"
  3. Went on a battlefield tour there when I was in. Had a piper from 2BW and a German Para who were there at the time, some of the stories they told were eye openers. The two old boys got on great.
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  4. My wifes father was an Able Seaman who was put ashore in northern Crete manning an AA battery, they became detached from the ship and fought there way across the island to be picked up by the RN. We regularly holiday in Plakias, southern Crete, and remember those that fell escaping the enemy.
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  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My late step father in law served there as Torpedo officer on HMS York. Not a nice time!
  6. Is there any other WW 2 battle that matches Crete with the number of troops who evaded capture?
  7. Only thing I can think of is something in Burma perhaps when the Japs invaded but I don't know of anything off the top of my head

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  8. Some of the eastern front battles no doubt: the Germans didn't have the troop numbers to effectively encircle all of the "kessels".
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  9. For large numbers of troops to evade capture there must be an almost lottery win like situation in place.

    Location, climate, access to food & water, a place escape too, & arguably the most important of all, a friendly population willing to help, or at least turn a blind eye.
  10. Fall of France, number of soldiers that escaped after Operation Dynamo.
    Our man in Marseilles - News -
  11. Falaise gap, Korsun pocket, Kurland pocket. As Sicknote said, a lot of Russians must have "escaped" pockets (read - became partisans) during the opening stages of Barbarossa.
  12. Not quite on the same scale I know but regarding escaping captivity and joining the resistance....

    Sent to fight the Krauts, captured by the soviets, handed to the Krauts and then escaped to fight the sods.

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  13. To be fair they were not on an island!
  14. But they didn't have any Telly Savalas lookalikes around to help either

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