Battle of Britain

Wasnt sure if to put this in here or the jobs section.
Certainly different to most team building days!

For some reason the site wont let me show the full address
its www.battle of britain team
And there was me thinking it would be all about tipping up at "dispersal" at Silly o'clock, putting the kettle on, playing cricket, dossing about in deckchairs and periodically charging over to the other side of a field at full pelt whenever the bell rings- only to return 45mins later to find that the DS has poured AVGAS over the clothes, hands and face of Gerald from accounting and set fire to him before throwing him into the English Channel dressed in fleece-lined boots, wooly trousers and and a turtle-necked jumper.

Still, it might be interesting to see how today's thrusters in corporate Britain cope with a job that was done largely by teenage girls while bombs were being dropped on them.
Sounds like the old BBGT.

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