Battle of Britain

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by no1cares, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Lets face it, tonight is the first Battle of Britain since Rangers and Leeds locked horns in 1992(?)
    Man Utd vs Celtic? Will it be another Scottish victory or do you think Utd have got the minerals?

    I think the 'tic will do 'em.
  2. What time does it kick-off?
  3. 2-2. HT

    C'mon the 'tic!
  4. I think you will find that a few Battle of Britain games have been played recently - like the year when Celtic reached the UeFA Cup Final, knocking out two English clubs on their way.

    I was particularly pleased that United won - I hate Man Ure but I hate Celtic more. It pleases me to think of the residents of West Belfast being miserable tonight, though having said that, most of them support United anyway. :roll:
  5. I support both teams so had a bit of a heavy heart but a victory was vital after last year's ignominious exit.

    Hope the Bhoys qualify as well though, they certainly played well enough to.

    Btw the most recent "Battle of Britain" encounter was when United slaughtered the Gers in 2004 :lol:
  6. Technically it was when Derry City gave Scottish Cup runners up Gretna a good thrashing last month. Derry City being UK based despite being League of Ireland.

    When Derry beat Gretna 5-1 in the first leg I originally thought "well done". Then their Southern manager came on the telly with his political agenda - "it's the fault of the British Government that the City of Derry does not have a decent soccer stadium!"

    Laugh? I could've stamped on his face. :twisted:
  7. Hmmm...that depends on whether you think its Derry or Londonderry!:p