Battle of Britain

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Queensman, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. I've just been told it's Battle of Britain Day today!
  2. Aahh, memories...

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  3. BiscuitsAB

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  4. chrisg46

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    When i win the lottery, i am going to get one of those :)

    A Spitfire, i mean, not the bird in the stockings. I imagine she is a bit wrinkly now. Or mouldy?
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  5. So am I.
  6. Its hard to pinpoint an EXACT day for the Battle of Britain although today is sort of the official day of remembering it. Technically it started on May 8th 1940 with the boxheads invading Rotterdam and the Dutch seeking help from the Air Ministry. It continued after that, until October however, it is generally considered to have been really in effect from July till October, around 140 days of virtually continuous air warfare.
  7. That's about how long the film seems to last, as I recall.
  8. Wordsmith

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    I am always reminded of a comment from Stephen Bungay's book on the Battle of Britain. He said that even with the benefit of hindsight and time to reflect on the strategic situation, it is difficult to fault any decision made by Keith Park under huge pressure and with limited time during the course of a battle. And there's not many commanders you could say that off.

    Nor was it a fluke. Park was a highly successful commander at Malta and in the Burma campaign. Truly a class act...

  9. Working just under the downs at Westerham last week and a spit flew over several times on finals to Biggin Hill .... It could have 1940 if it wasn't for the hum of the M25 in the background.... little else had changed in the bit of the countryside I was working in.
    And yes when I win big on the lottery I'm going to get my own Mk9 ..... I know how it feels to play in the clouds in one and I want more !!!!!!