Battle of Britain Day - the "Adlertag"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by needlewaver, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Today is Battle of Britain Day, the day of the most intense fighting of the Battle when Goering sent his massed forces in a final attempt to destroy the RAF over London in an operation code-named Eagle Day.

    This day invariably turned the tide of the Battle and no doubt caused Hitler to postpone and then ultimately cancel Operation Sealion, saving the British Isles from an attempted invasion, if not a full scale occupation.

    Is no-one else apart from me hugely miffed that there is not one mention of this in the meeja today? It must be because they're all so frightened about how fragile their unimportant existences are.

    Well I for one will be remembering those who fought and died in the skies during that long hot summer, so long ago...

    "On Weald of Kent I watched once more,
    Again I heard the grumbling roar,
    Of fighter 'planes, yet none were near,
    Borne on the wind, a whisper came,
    'Though men grow old, they stay the same',
    And then I knew, unseen to eye,
    The ageless Few were sweeping by."

    Author unknown.
  2. Good Post and Full Respect to those Brave 'Few' ... May they Never Be Forgotten...
  3. I agree, well done on the post. Utmost respect for "The few"
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    msr LE

    The RAF roll of honour for the Battle of Britain recognises 574 pilots from countries other than Great Britain as flying at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit during the period 10 July to 31 October 1940, alongside 2,353 British pilots.
  6. Well BBC2 are showing Mosquito Squadron......

    I'll be marking the day in traditional style with the VHS version, because the DVD version is pants and PC'd. Followed by a session on EAW.

    "Rabbit Leader - Red 2, Yellow nosed bastards six o' clock high, coming down..... now"

    Then off down to the pub for a few jars of Brown and foamy with Binky to meet some popsies :)

    Whatever happened to the "Battle of Britain at Home Days" ?
  7. You are right Needlewaver.

    This must the first year that I can remember that there has been nothing on the TV about the Battle of Britain.

    Maybe this is the next stage from the vast New Labour/liberal media clique, to advance us to our Orwellian future. Slowly erasing our past to their future.

    "Never in the field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many, to so few."

    (Contrary to popular belief, Churchill was referring to the whole of the RAF and not just Fighter Command).


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  8. No invasion would have been successful while the Royal Navy was still in existence. Both sides knew this.
  9. Which it wouldn't have been for very long if the RAF had lost.....
  10. Seconded!
  11. I refer to Operation Pedestal, the brave attempt by the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy to send supplies to Malta and the terrible losses they suffered at the hands of Axis submarine and aerial attacks. Would that have been repeated, even more so, in the narrows of the English Channel?.

    It is nevertheless an interesting 'What if ......' scenario, had the RAF been defeated and the Luftwaffe had gained aerial supremacy over the channel and invasion areas.

    Only recently a group of academics tried to answer that question. They concluded that the invasion would have been a failure and the Royal Navy victorious. I am not so sure. Whatever the theories, thanks to those brave aircrew and their ground support, we never had to actually see what the outcome may have been.

    Per Ardua.
  12. Thirded.

    And sorry to be pedantic but wasn't Aldertag on 13 August? That being the opening shot of the Luftwaffe's Operation Adlerangriff.

    September 15th was the RAF's knock-out blow though.
  13. Wearing my Wings Appeal badge today; RAFA does excellent work.

    Per Ardua Ad Astra
  14. Attending a BoB CTP at my local RAFSA sailing club tonight although many of us will be "bl00dy matelots".

    Anyway, well done the Crabs.
  15. Seconded as a RAFA member who was collecting around a top secret base in Cambridgeshire last week.

    I can't remember the last time BoB day was mentioned in the media, unfortunately it's difficult enough getting serving members of the RAF to remember it let alone raising awareness with CIVPOP.

    A couple of drinks for me tonight in memory of the few, and an excellent poem Needlewaver, thank you.

    Per Ardua ad Astra.