Battle of Britain - classic film!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MrPVRd, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Thanks to Channel 5 for screening this classic well-made film. The aerial dogfights are only surpassed by the sight of Susannah York in a hotel bedroom clad only in an issue Wedgewood Blue shirt with black tie and stockings and suspenders.... :twisted:

    It makes me even more happy to act as the pub bore and point out that my old bedroom was a few windows down from the Bentley Priory balcony scenes!
  2. Classic film made with real aeroplanes none of your cgi crap Makes you
    proud to be british, tom cruise has a lot too live up to in his film .
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Excellent film and aerial scenes.

    For the film, thanks go. I believe, to the Spanish airforce for the 'Luftwaffe' and to the Septics re-enactors for the RAF.

    For the ability to watch such a film, thanks go completely to the RAF.
  4. they brought the german planes off the spanish the spits from all over the place .Raf saved our collective arrses but not a mover among them :)
  5. Great DVD recently released with original music (as well as the music they finally used) and lots of background on how the film was made
  6. You say that like it was a bad thing.
  7. The Aircraft were great - live shots of spits, 109's and Heinkels etc. That's how real WW2 'planes flew - not like the CGI Zero's in Pearl Harbour that flew like F16's!

    The down side of the Battle of Britain film was the use of allied vehicles painted grey for the Germans. You would think that not long after WW2 there would have been thousands of the real things around the place.
  8. Nice to know there was an Israeli pilot in WW2 - wonder if that credit was a condition of financing the film?.
  9. How can that be? Israel wasn't formed as a state until 1948 - after WW2 !
  10. Was it so inaccurate? Think how many vehicles we 'gifted' the Whermacht between Ostend and Dunkirk in 1940 :)

    The downside for a spotter were the Merlin Engined Heinkels and 109's (Buchons) and the 'vic' of 3 Buchons behind the Hurricanes in the 'Polish Trainig Flight' sequence.

    Still, the resemblance of the actor that played Goering to the real thing was uncanny, and the film is chock full of Spitfires , which of course makes it truly wonderful :D
  11. The dog fights yes were spectacular over all the movie I belive was lacking in the script, shame because it had such promise.

    Cheers 2CB
  12. PTP - we disabled most of those vehicles, ie sand in the engine, and they would have taken a few months to start reappearing. How would you explain us leaving Yank half tracks and preist SP guns that were not introduced until a few years later?

    2CB - the script was written by history and the players were the RAF.

    The upside is that war films now are being made with a closer attention to detail, the downside is history is being re-written by hollywood so a younger generation will probably never know the truth! :cry:
  13. Rifle-Green,
    There has been much comment regarding the listing of an Israeli pilot in the film's stats for the nationalities who flew during the battle. As you say, Israel didn't exist as a state at the time; Palestine still being in existance.

    The definitive listing of BoB aircrew is generally accepted to be the superb and painstakingly researched 'Men of the Battle of Britain' by Kenneth G Wynn (ISBN 1 902074 10 6) of which I have my own copy sat in front of me as I type. The book took over 35 years of research and contains a brief bio of every one of the 2917 aircrew awarded the BoB Clasp to the 1939-45 Star. Interestingly, this nationality list of those individuals does not mention a Palestinian although I'm sure that one of the guys is described as being from that state later in the book.

    Finally, as a point of historical accuracy, many people refer to the RAF pilots involved in the Battle. But let's not forget the 53 Fleet Airm Arm aircrew who few Fulmars with 804 and 808 Sqn or who were seconded to fly with the RAF sqns.

    They were all the most incredible of individuals.

  14. And there were two , not one Jamaican Pilots in the Battle of Britain.

    The first one got the chop over Dunkirk, I remember it , because it was on a plaque in the chapel of my boarding school.
  15. PTP,
    If a guy was shot down over during the Dunkirk evacuation then technically he wouldn't qualify for the BoB Clasp and therefore the book. The clasp was only awarded to aircrew who had flown operational missions with specific sqns and units between 10 July and 31 October 1940.

    For the record, the book lists the following nationalities as having flown during the conflict:

    2334 British.
    33 Australian.
    29 Belgians.
    98 Canadians.
    88 Czechs.
    13 French.
    10 Irish.
    1 Jamaican.
    1 Newfoundlander (anyone know why he's listed seperately to the Canadians?).
    126 NZ.
    145 Poles.
    3 Rhodesians.
    25 South Africans.
    11 USA.

    Of these 544 lost their lives during the BoB itself, with a further 795 being killed later in the war.