Battle of Bastion.....revisited!

Its in the Wail from a article done in GQ.
Love the cartoon drawings or Bastion, not exactly POW camp fences is it!!!
And no mention of the heroic RAF Regt coming to the rescue....well not the way those Osprey slotting dudes would say!

The Untold Story of the Battle of Bastion


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"**** that!" the Brit chief said. He wanted to wait for backup. "Everybody get back behind the walls."

PMSL! Bravo rock ape, you were the back-up!!

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Somebody's been reading waaay too much Clunge.

Mark The Convict

I assume 'the training kicked in' at some point? I couldn't bring myself to actually read the tripe.
I assume 'the training kicked in' at some point? I couldn't bring myself to actually read the tripe.
It was just like the old Commando comics, sorry, graphic novels. Except the British bulldog spirit was lacking in the crab QRF, apparently. They weren't willing to go up against a wounded Taliban; that's when they are most dangerous. The American steely-eyed dealer of death had to put him out of his misery before the brylcreem boys would dare look over the parapet!

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Needs more Rockape/Body Armour Blue on Blue action.
Hey! Less of that! Don't you know that Osprey is at its most dangerous when it's wounded? He had to finish it off to be on the safe side.
"savoring mouthfuls of the cool night air and a full-bodied Nicaraguan Man o' War". Fellating a Nicaraguan squaddie?
Is this article implying it was all the British forces fault? Surely not...
Not so much I thought. However, the fact remains that "one of the big three" managed to cock up the only recent opportunity to fulfill their raison d'etre.

Airfield Defence Specialists????? Pthpthbthbth!
Halfway through reading this, as if by magic, the soundtrack to the A Team kicked in!
Hmm, Dii no likey GQ. Me no likey Dii...
In a nutshell.....
Nasty taliban storm fence.
Americans smoking cigars hears gunshots
Taliban already blow up loads of harriers
Americans put out cigars and try and brass up taliban.
Problem is they are being rather unsporting wearing American uniforms.
Meanwhile 2 miles away RAF Regt are stuggling to get out of the Naafi door all at once.
Americans decide to use tracer and get the Cobras to brass up even more of the American flightline.
Taliban fall like flies.
One survives though as he is a hard bastard.
RAF Regt arrive with ketchup around their faces asking what is going on.
Americans says "we have left the last for you."
RAF bloke says "**** that, my rifle will get dirty"
American shoots taliban.
RAF bloke shoots Osprey.
Sounds like a film in the making

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