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Hello, This week sees London,Liverpool and Londonderry host events to commemorate this campaign. In London 3 ships (otherwise known as the whole fleet) are coming to London and will host open days however I can't seem to find any info on this and I've looked on the RN site and London city. Does anyone know the opening times to the masses?


Events in London | Royal Navy
From the Royal Navy website:

The BOA70 commemorations are as follows:

  • London during 8-13 May, Derry-Londonderry between 10-12 May, building up to the main event in Liverpool from 24-28 May.
  • In Derry-Londonderry, a Royal Navy ship visit is planned to support the dedication of a new memorial statue by the Royal Naval Association and a special wreath-laying ceremony.
  • Finally in Liverpool, up to 25 Royal Navy and international ship visits are planned in support of the city’s core commemoration day, Sunday 26 May, which includes a day-time Cathedral Service, a march through the city by current Naval and Merchant naval personnel as well as veterans, and a fly past of the Fleet Air Arm’s pride and joy, the Fairey Swordfish.
In London, the aim is to use the three Royal Navy ship visits, an Evensong Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, a Merchant Navy Memorial Service and a Charity fundraising dinner to raise awareness of the importance of the maritime community to the UK economy, with London as the political and financial centre.

The packed programme of events which the Royal Navy is supporting includes:

Wednesday May 8

  • 12.30pm Arrival of HMS Illustrious
  • 2pm Master Mariners BOA Exhibition at HQS Wellington
  • 5pm BOA70 Evensong Service at St Paul’s Cathedral
  • 6pm Royal Navy Parade from St Paul’s to Mansion House
  • 6.30pm City of London Reception at Mansion House
Thursday May 9

  • 5.30pm Charity fundraising dinner on HMS Illustrious in aid of Seafarers UK and the Royal Navy / Royal Marines Charity
Friday May 10

  • 12.15pm Ship’s company at Tower of London for Ceremony of the Dues
Saturday May 11

  • 10am-2pm HMS Illustrious Open to Visitors at Greenwich
  • 1pm Merchant Navy Memorial Service at Trinity Gardens
  • 6pm Fly Navy Heritage Trust Reception and Dinner on HMS Illustrious
Sunday May 12

  • 10.30am-2pm HMS Illustrious Open to Visitors at Greenwich

During the warships’ visits, there is also a host of recruitment events and ship tours organised for local community groups and schools and colleges, plus members of HMS Illustrious’ ship’s company will interact with many of their affiliate organisations in London.

All three ships are providing crew members to act as step liners and attend the St Paul’s commemorative event. On completion they will march to the Mansion House accompanied by the Plymouth Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines...

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