Battle of Arnhem: Tour of Duty [8.00 PM] 10.11.2010

Bit sceptical about this. Won't be realistic training will it? Probably not. Wont really be on the front line will they? Definitely not! Wont get anywhere near the massive violence and chaos involved in the real event let alone the life-or-death fighting.
I hope it wont trivialise what happened at Arnhem as that would be very disrespectful to those who fought there.
Agreed, hope it's not just a bit of WW2 kit porn.
What a great experience for the young men, a lovely idea for a programme and educational too. One of the veterans interviewed has recently published his autobiography, DROPPED IN IT by Colin Hall on Amazon as ebook, out in paperback in 1 or 2 weeks.
1st point, err when were girls in the Para's, 2nd point they seem to belong to the ANA beret brigade!!!!

Is this another attempt to see if todays youth's can do what their Grandfather's did? If so why is it a documentary thing when we could just have news from Afghanistan, where some of todays youth are actually doing it?

Edited to add that it looks like another weekend in the field with cadets... :)
I turned the telly on to watch this and thought bloody hell they're really going for it- the street fighting looked quite gung-ho. But for some reason they've got coppers representing 1st AB Div and a load of whining student twats representing the Hun.
Where on earth did they get that many Denison Smocks? None have been made for years and they go for a pretty price on ebay these days.
I take it they mean Battalion not Brigade, if this programme is meant to Honour the Airborne, it fecking aint. One guys got 4 different Para wings up??


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Have they called anyone a hat yet?
One of the old boys is sporting a French (metal) set on his left breast. The German Set (anyone notice the irony) are Gold I think.

Not sure about the credibility of the bearded young Asian guy though. At the start it mentioned he was some sort of project/outreach worker yet he was sporting a DPM jacket with what looked like tactical Brit wings on his right breast and a set I didn't recognise on his left.

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