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Battle: Los Angeles

1080p version of this now on usenet (wiki and CHD), if you have a popcornhour NMT or similar, and a decent dsl connection (12gb mkv file)

relevance? Has guns, aliens, "US Marines" CGI and the sceptics get an arrse kicking. Oh, and a old and bold character, whom most of us might relate to ;-)

Smaller 720p version as well (approx 5gb)
Just about sums it up - but it passes a couple of hours and the CGI is good. You could always try the more cerebral Skyline, of course.
Now Skyline is a piece of shite.

Battle:L.A. has its faults but then it is a film about an alien invasion so its pretty much a case of turning off your brain and enjoying the big bangs and effects. I personally enjoyed it for what it was, a bit of fluff.

The fleet of Sea Knights flying over L.A. as the aliens landed in the sea was pretty impressive on the big screen I must say.
Oh I dunno... Hollywood fluff has it's place. After all, I thought U571 was a highly enjoyable film as I watched it as a story rather than a historically accurate portrayal of events.
I'd love to know whether Skyline was intentionally 'intellectual' , or not. By intellectual, I mean not spoonfeeding an audience what the plot is, together with the why's and wherefores; it simply happens and there are no explanations.

Unlike the huge, HUGE plot hole in BLA concerning water ;-)

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