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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Enlightened_One, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Having just read a discussion in the TA Forum about Colours it got me wondering how a unit is awarded a Battle Honour and a Colour. Is it a case of every battle you are in gets a battle honour or does the unit have to distinguish itself on the field? Do you get awarded colours on formation or must you do something to deserve them. Does the Queen award them or CGS? Have we won any in Iraq, AL FAW or BASRAH for instance? Under the FAS and the FIS will the new Super Regiments have new Colours?

    Does anyone know?
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  4. Anyone know what happens to battle honours/medals gained from Territorials, do they stay with the TA 'Regiment' or remain with the parent regular regiment (I think they stay with parent regiment).
  5. The Croix De Guerre won by 6/7th Bn Black Watch is pinned on the 6/7 colours in Balhouse Castle. From memory only the troops based in Perth & Kirkcaldy were allowed to wear the meadal ribbon on their sleeve. This award is not reflected anywhere with 1BW

  6. That Correct, 6BW won this honour in 1918. The only other unit to recieve a Croix De Guerre as a unit honour was,I think the 2nd Devons. As far as I am aware honours awarded for an action involving a Territorial battalion,become honours for the whole Regiment.For example ALAMEIN,at which BW had three Bns present ,1st,5th and 7th.
  7. I recall seeing members of that Black Watch TA Bn wearing that ribbon on their sleeves, pity the tradition wasn't perpetuated by the 1st Bn as it was with the Devon & Dorsets.
  8. pity the TA Bns are gone
  9. My understanding was that it was a Territorial BW Bn that won the award whereas the Dorsets was won by of the Regular Bn's although I stand to be corrected. In that case I don't feel it's appropriate for the Regular BW Bn to wear the award. Hence the reason the medal is on the 6/7th colours not 1st
  10. Not completley true, I've worn the French Croix De Guerre as part of Leeds Rifles (C Coy 3PWO) and the Belgium one as part of Robin Hoods Rifles (D Coy 3 WFR).
  11. But thats not 100% true, which was a reason why I made the earlier post.

    Take 'Robin Hood Rifles' they've earned several battle honours for WFR and numerous VC's.

    The 'Robin Hoods' are now RE, one of the VC's was Capt Albert Ball (attached to Royal Flying Corps) - so which regt/corps/service claims his VC - The RAF, RE, TA RE (Robin Hoods) Sqn or WFR.

    Lastly what happened to the Robin Hoods silver/drums? Has it been claimed back from the 1 WFR/EER?
  12. When I served with 45 Fd Regt (now suspended animation) they had 170 (Imjin) Bty who wore a US Presidential Citation for Bravery which had been awarded at Battle of Imjin River where they had fought with the Gloucester Regt (who also wear the award).