Battle Honours and VCs post FIS

Post SDR PWRR had the most battle honours and RGJ the most VCs (59)

Post FIS the RIFLES will clearly have the most VCs with I believe 116 (59 x RGJ, 43 x LI, 4 x DDLI, 10 x RGBW)

Gents, I don't have a copy of the army list and don't have the time to search the web, so who will claim the most battle honours under FIS?
I would hazard the SCOTS though comparisons are odious especially when one considers the KRRC and Rifle Brigade each had four regular Bns in their halcyon years.
S_B. KRRC were the 60th Foot the Rifle Brigade were originally the 95th, both of those regiments, on becoming rifle regiments, expanded to four Bns. I think you are confusing those original regiments (and the 43rd&52nd (OX&BUCKS) Light Infantry) with their successor 'Large Regiment' the Royal Green Jackets.
Sorry this is a tad off topic but I can only find three DDLI VC's
- Lieutenant Masterson, Wagon Hill
- Lcpl Onions, Aichet Le Petit
- LtCol H Jones, Falkland Islands
So could anyone tell me the fourth?
Will duplicate battle honours count towards the total? I think that the antecedent regiments of the Rifles add up to 21 regiments of foot, therefore muchos honores. However, the Scots have the advantage of incorportaing the 1st of Foot who will have had the chance to fight in every battle since Pontius Pilate started doing his thing to the East of Rome. If recollection serves me right I thought it was the Highlanders who had the most battle honours prior to the latest amalgamations. I know for sure that the RGBWLI have more than 200.

I should imagine now that with all the amalgamations every regiment of the army will have been at Waterloo and D-Day. The regiment that will come up trumps will be the one who fought in the more obscure battles such as the War for Don Emmanuel's Netherparts, etc.


This makes selecting regimental days easier as the Rifles will all share Salamanca day along with a few others but as said before the odd ones will be fun!
DDLI VC number 4:

Vickery, S
Rank: Private
Regiment: Dorsetshire Regiment
Date of Act Of Bravery: 20 October 1897
Campaign: North West Frontier, India
Locale: Dargai Heights, Waran Valley
Rusty H, I hadn't included H Jones in the 4 as the Parachute Regiment claim it.

The other Devon i found is:

Veale, Theodore William Henry
Rank: Private
Regiment: 8th Battalion. Devon Regiment
Date of Act Of Bravery: 20 July 1916
Locale: East of High Wood. France
Cheers for that i was dubious of the H Jones one as well seeing as he earn't it serving with the Paras but the DDLI seem a little unwilling to let him go.
He is by no means the only VC claimed by more than one Regt. Pte Henry Tandey VC DCM MM (the most decorated Pte Soldier in WW1) is claimed by both GH and DWR. He joined the Green Howards in 1914 but won his medals with 5 DWR in late 1918.

Problem solved after FIS!!
I think you'll find that Sergeant Gregg, 13th Bn Rifle Brigade, was the first soldier to be awarded the VC, DCM & MM. He beat Tandey by a clear 5 months.
After a wee count I have the Highlanders on 366 battle honours, and 41 VC,s (thats not including Capt Chavasse, who of course won a bar to his VC, as a medial officer his award is claimed by the army medical services, and as a member of the liverpool Scottish it has been claimed by the Cameron Highlanders and the Kings Regt),back to honours, with each of the scottish regiments each having about the same and allowing for duplicates this figure can only rise, and as already stated there will be some that the Royal Scots (the Royal regiment) the 1st of Foot can claim from the past, as can the Argyles for Balaclava (the thin red line).
The only battle honour unique (and emblazoned on their colours) to the Royal Scots is Nagpore.
The current system of British army battle honours dates from the Tangier campaign 1662-80 1st Dragoon Guards, 1st Foot Guards, Coldstream Guards, 1st Foot (Royal Scots) and 2nd Foot (Queens Regt- now part of PWRR) were recipients of the battle honour Tangier.

It would be interesting to hear of other battle honours awarded, and unique, to individual regiments.
Just had a look at the QLR website they claim "Canton" "Defence of Kimberley" Baluchistan 1918" "Fiesole" "Nyalnge Bridgehead" and "Letse" as unique battle honours in the british army (other regiments such as indian army also have these battle honours).
Another statement on the QLR's official army website is that they have 204 battle honours "more than any other line regiment".
Interesting !
Plassey - June 23rd 1757 - is unique to the Devon and Dorsets. The 39th Foot being the only Kings regiment present.
RustyH said:
Sorry this is a tad off topic but I can only find three DDLI VC's
- Lieutenant Masterson, Wagon Hill
- Lcpl Onions, Aichet Le Petit
- LtCol H Jones, Falkland Islands
So could anyone tell me the fourth?
Rustyh, that is a brave shout! Can I suggest that you do NOT repeat this assertion at closing time in any pub in Colchester??

Maybe this is why "rust never sleeps" - unless with one eye open! :roll:

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