Battle honour for Royal Yeomanry

"The Iraq 2003 honour will be awarded to The Royal Yeomanry"

Many congratulations to the troopers and officers of RY on this award. To my very limited knowledge this is the first Battle Honour for a TA unit since the Second World War.

With the TA deploying IRs and Sub-Units as opposed to formed Units, the likelihood of further Battle Honours being awarded to TA units will be increasingly unlikely. I appreciate fully that Battle Honours are not 'attendance only' awards so my hat is off the RY.


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Hear Hear! I don't think that there will be many more coming the way of the TA, as the rules I beleive mean that, in practical terms, a certain percentage of a Major Unit must be there for it to get a Battle Honour. So, although X Bn may have had almost all it's deployable Soldiery committed to TELIC at one stage or another, that won't count. Pity, but it in no way detracts from the RY.

Well done again - not bad for a bunch of people who can't even agree on a single stable belt or mess dress :)
OldSnowy said:
.....Well done again - not bad for a bunch of people who can't even agree on a single stable belt or mess dress :)
Not for long, did'nt you hear, we are getting a corporate image shortly!!
Arguably, it is precisely BECAUSE the RY cannot agree on a single stable belt, beret, mess dress and what day of the week it is that the regiment got the honour. Strength in diversity, dear boy. Or, each to his own.

Still, perhaps the specialness of the honour will help convince more members of the regiment that the move to a common capbadge will be worth it.

Edited for sarcasm and optimism.
I knew a few of your blokes, enjoyed the hospitality of your mess and bumped into another Tpr. at a wedding recently.

So I know that you are, by and large, a top bunch.

Congratulations and well done.



Nicked from "Yeomans" post on the "New Cap Badge for RY" thread:

From the Times today

"FOURTEEN regiments and the Army Air Corps are to be awarded honours for fighting in the Iraq War in 2003.
The list includes The Black Watch, which is to be amalgamated into a new Scottish regimental formation.

Two honours are to be awarded, a theatre honour for Iraq 2003 and a battle honour for Basra. Both will be awarded to The Life Guards, The Blues and Royals, 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The Queen’s Royal Lancers, the Royal Tank Regiment, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, The Light Infantry, The Black Watch, The Parachute Regiment and the Army Air Corps.

The Iraq 2003 honour will be awarded to The Royal Yeomanry, The Royal Irish Regiment and The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

The Irish Guards have already received both honours."
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
Didn't 21 SAS get one for Malaya in the 50's?
According to Wikipedia -

Wikipedia at'_Rifles said:
From 1947, all battle honours were earned and shared by the whole corps of the Special Air Service.
and the SAS's battle honours are:

Wikipedia at said:
Battle Honours
Second World War: North-West Europe 1944-45, Benghazi Raid, Tobruk 1941, North Africa 1940-43, Landing in Sicily, Sicily 1943, Termoli, Valli di Comacchio, Italy 1943-45, Greece 1944-45, Adriatic, Middle East 1943-44
Falkland Islands 1982; Western Iraq, Gulf 1991; Western Iraq 2003
If both of the above are correct then the answer to your question must be no. Strictly speaking, if only the first is correct then the answer must be no but I'm allowing for the possibility that 21 could have won an honour no behalf of the SAS as a whole.

But I'm by no means an expert on the eerie ways of that lot, so I am open to correction.

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