Battle Group Command

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Ratty22, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. I'm well out of touch, so if the question is "bone" well, there you are.

    Battle Group command seems invariably to be held by armoured bods or infanteers. As they all complete the same staff course(s) what are the chances of eg, Sappers, Gunners, Signallers, AAC or whisper it quietly, Loggies, leading a BG.

    I dare say that present and recent incumbents are and have been splendid fellows, but I thought that Blessed Maggie had outlawed the closed shop.

    I'll wait at the safety point.

    Old Rat
  2. Given that most battlegroups are based on an infantry battalion or armoured (and less often, armoured recce) regiment - it kind of follows that they would be commanded by one!

    It is possible to have an aviation battlegroup task org'd for a specific op, so that might be the exception to the rule.
  3. Broadly as above, BGs are always based around the headquarters of a Regiment or Battalion, therefore it is the Regt/Bn Commanding Officer who commands the BG.

    As stated "fighting BGs" are naturally based around the RHQs/BnHQs of teeth arms units, therefore Armd Regts, BRRs (Bde Recce Regts, formally FR) and Inf Bns. Each headquarters is optimised for this purpose. In addition Aviation BGs which have been mentioned above.

    There have been 'BGs' based on both RA and RE Regts, but these tend to exist to deliver a certain effect within stabilisation ops/PSO, such as SSR or Engr effect across the Bde AO (any Engrs jump in if I have the terminology wrong). However, clearly due to the default positioning of RA and RE RHQs, within or alongside Bde HQs, they are not naturally optimised for use as BGHQs in terms of structure. The UN Cyprus 'BG' used commonly to be based on a RA Regt, so ground holding is not totally off the cards.

    There are also what have been termed CSS BGs. These are based around the headquarters of either a REME Bn or RLC Regt (normally the latter) and will be commanded by the RLC or REME CO.
  4. Captain_Crusty

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    On TELIC 4, 1 RHA was used as the HQ of a (1,1,1) BG for Op SAMSON - CO 1RHA was therefore the BG Comd. He then went on to be a manoeuvre bde comd.