Battle for Haditha

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ironeye, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else watching this and thinking them american soldiers are a little weird?
    Its on Channel 4
  2. not watching it, but totally agree that they're a tad weird!
  3. I'm watching it and thinking, "what psyop message is in there?", because it's obviously a dramatisation on scene with a "higher than average documentary" budget.
  4. Iraqi couple getting jiggy with it too, you don't see that everyday!
  5. lol its a bit daft really. I'm sure the americans are not really that dum :roll:
  6. Either I'm getting old but the squad leader looks about 18
  7. i think they are!!!! :D
  8. I can't help but watch this and think , what a load of complete rubbish lol
  9. Is this not the movie that was paid for by George Soros the anti war activist? If it is they made it without going to Iraq, speaking to any Marines or even waiting for the trials to finish.

    Had to laugh when I saw the squad leader with a big Rambo knife attached to his shoulder. About 6 weeks ago I watched a PFC doing many press ups for having a big, daft knife attached to his body armour.

    Edited to correct myself before someone else does; this isn't the George Soros movie, it is called "Redacted".
  10. Don't know who made it but I'm dam angry at those Americans
  11. Yes, me & Mrs Stilts are watching it, err is it me or do the spetics not have any ROE, ie shooting civvies and going in to buildings in red?

    Or are they taking the old Nazi way of doing hearts and minds?


    PS Mrs Stilts keeps saying: "c0ck wakner & tw@" alot!
  12. That's the general idea behind the movie I percieve. Apparently it was all ad libitum directing.
  13. Well after it is another program explaining what really happened. Worth staying up I would say :lol:
  14. Tell missus Stilts to, "calm down, it's only a movie". Several things are jumping out at me immediately in terms of anti-war psyop. It was spun entirely from the angle that only two insurgents kicked it off.

    Conditions predating the engagement were reported as follows:

    You're not recieving any impression of that in the 'peaceful suburbia' foreshots. That's not in their remit.

    Redmist discended and they went suited and booted in on the ground after. Could have been worse. Thank heavans for small mercies.

    I do think it's a bit underhanded that the "artistic license film chappys" have gone for the jugular before investigations conclude, but then again it's simply because the anti-war mob wish to recieve their "pound of flesh" and they're brooding over how the case is going not entirely to their satisfaction. Reduced down to negligent homicide for the CO arriving on scene.