Battle for Germany 1945

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Hitch, May 28, 2007.

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  1. There seems to be a shortage of books concerning the battles for Germany in 1945, from both East and West. From my understanding, for the Western Allies the fighting was just as bloody as any encountered previously. For the Russians the losses were just as high as in former years and I believe the Wehrmacht losses in the final year were above one million. So it seems surprising that there are so few books about the battles of 1945. The books I am aware of (only for the Western Allies) include:

    No Triumphant Procession by John Russell (British 2nd Army April 1945)
    So Few Got Through by Martin Lindsay (Gordon Highlanders 44-45)
    Battalion by Alastair Borthwick (Seaforth Highlanders 42-45)

    Max Hastings' Armageddon is good but does not deal with the battles in depth. Can anyone recommend some more? Of real interest would be the Baltic battles against the Russians.
  2. Guy Sajer “The Forgotten Soldier” is a must read for the Germany infantry perspective but has little about the bigger picture. After reading it you will never complain about the conditions on exercise again.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Googling for "armoured division normandy baltic" (no quotes) led me to this, which is what I wanted to recommend ("The Black Bull: From Normandy to the Baltic with the 11th Armoured Division"):

    Reading the list of what customers who bought this book also bought gives an interesting list of titles and one or two of them may go onto my own wish list.
  4. kreig in der heimat-ulric saft--3 volumes..
    covers germany both fronts from the german side... very good german ,,worth getting for the maps and pics alone..

    available from Walsrode zeitung ..german newspaper office in walsrode..
    or german amazon.
  5. Have you considered The Last Battle by Cornelius Ryan?

    It may be somewhat dated now but I recall it gives a very good background to the approaching to and taking of Berlin. There is also some very good political stuff of why the Allies did not push harder to get there.

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  6. Excellent book certainly, but it covers several war years and does not discuss the 1945 battles in any depth or cover the overall picture. A great read nonetheless and a horrifying insight into the desperate struggle in the last months.
  7. Ja sicher! Aber ich bin ausser uebung mit meinem Deutsch! Schade. Es gibt veile gutes Buche um die Heimat Kreig auf Deutsch...
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought Anthony Beevors Berlin - The downfall was quite good
    Very imformative
  9. Hitch

    Another reasonably good book on the subject is Fallen Eagle by Robin Cross. Two things are of particular note. Firstly, the account of the fighting in the Hürtgen Forest that consumed 5 US divisions over three months in an unnecessary battle. Secondly, the bibliography lists over seventy books by British, American, French, German and Soviet authors covering this period.

    I would suggest that there may not actually be a shortage of books on this subject but that you just haven't yet discovered them.

  10. Nice tip, will take a look.

    Precisely. This is why I started the thread and am most grateful for any input. But what about the battles in the East??? What about the horrific fighting in Estonia that has come to attention recently???
  11. I also think you;re going to have to wait for some Russian literature to be translated into English.
  12. Has more stuff come to light recently about Estonia?

    I did come across a reference a few years ago to a small group of Germans who were accidently sealed in a large supply bunker in East Prussia in 1945, a couple of survivors were rescued by the Sov's a few years later; mad and blind.