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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RSigsSTAB, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. A couple of the recent PT/BPFA related posts mentioned Battle Fitness.

    Since it's quite possible for someone to ace the BPFA, sprint the CFT but still be completely knackered at the end of a Platoon Attack, what suggestions do people have for specific, targeted exercises.

    I would have asked this in the Training or Health & Fitness forums, but figured that as TA troops, we aren't doing this day-in, day-out so "do more of this kind of thing" wouldn't exactly work!


  2. Carry two Pot Noodles at once.
  3. Show me who is not kanckered after an attack!
  4. You are right but battle fitness means after a reorg and a rest you can continue to carry out your job without biffing it. If you are not knacked at the end of a section attack, you are not doing it right.

    You have to have a general robustness that you just don't find much nowadays.
  5. It's the poor section 2ic which suffers. Poor sod has to do all the running about for ammo states and the like, while the lads get their breath back. Especially when a Section Commander has scattered his blokes out on the position :D

    I think that we're talking about endurance as opposed to bursts of energy for a BPFA (or whatever it's called now). Can you really do a MATT test for endurance?
  6. I agree its the robustness that counts. The ability to recover, get your shoite together and be ready to be launched again when required.
  7. This is why you should walk in dead ground, while your fire team are keeping the enemy heads down.In theory the assault group should be able to stroll up to an enemy position, please note in theory that is....!!!!!
  8. Even if the theory worked, I'm sure in a training situation the DS would encourage slightly faster movement! :)

    So robustness from the Playstation generation - not going to happen?
  9. well thats the idea, and how it should be executed, and how its taught in the inf. you need to conserve energy, so if the DS as you put run the whole thing wrong thats up to them . I guess you are talking about R/Sigs DS that is....on the re-org the fire team must follow the same route but get to the other half section as fast as humanly possible, then if you find in depth positions the roles are then reversed, so the now assault group are now on their chin straps ,
    hence " walk in dead ground" get your breath back. if you have ever done this properly you will by now know what i mean.
  10. Conserve energy maybe, but surely time = ammunition, and the supply isn't endless!
  11. you just answered my Question , you havent done this properly before have you....
    In your opening comment you stated platoon attack, there is plenty of resource available, thats what int is for in the 1st instance a plt sgt and of course your favourite comms. Its all about striking the right balance thats all, and that will only come with experience. the balance being conserve energy with momentum and aggression whilst controlling the whole situation, thats what the sect comd is there for. obviously this is not being taught correctly within the sigs environment, but to cap it all the word i think you are serching for is stamina combined with fitness.........
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Well The Grayman, you obviously live in a very rarified atmosphere indeed.

    Been an infantry platoon commander long? Done PCBC? Had much joy telling the DS at RMAS or PCBC that you intend to walk wherever you can?
  13. Which was exactly what I was thinking!

    And before anyone says "yes, that's training, in the real world you'd it this way", I'm not sure there were too many troops strolling round southern Iraq conserving energy...
  14. its just about getting the right balance thats all i said, if the situation dictates that you cant conserve energy then obviously you dont.
    you dont seem to understand, if youve controlled the fire fight and your in DEAD ground why burn out just before the final push....
  15. I must admit that I've never heard or seen people walking on an attack. However, it does seem to make sense.

    Can any other Infantry types confirm this, as opposed to leaving the Grey Man out to dry?