Battle field tours - Sources of information

I was discussing the planning of battle field tours with a colleague and friend of mine. H has organised several tours including Crete, Monte Casino etc.

Unfortunately, he is currently in the middle of a six month tour, and does not have access to his notes. But one source of information is a military library which has 'packs' pre-prepared. He isn't sure whether the library was at Shrivenham or some other library.

Does any one have suggestions on where you can get information from in terms official sources, other than war dairies etc.

For information, the tour I am looking at is Overloon and Venlo (Sept-Oct 1944)

Any information most appreciated.

Try the Joint Lessons Cell at Developments Concepts and Doctrine Centre, Schrivenham.

They hold copies of old staff rides etc.

Contact me by PM if you want some pointers to Overloon, Venray and Venlo. I have led tours there.
I think you're thinking of MLRS who have republished some of the BAOR battlefield guides. You may also be able to get some of these 'free' from the PRO/NA if that's where you would normally go to consult war diaries.
Thank you, I might take you up on that offer
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