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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by COMMSRUS, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. I am looking to arrange a battle field tour for early part of 2007.

    Any suggestions or personal experinces good and bad would be appreciated. In particular any contact details for tour guides, hotels, etc.

    Looking to do it over about three to seven days and at the minute location has not been decided. So experiences from Sevastapol to Charlestown welcome as much as the usual Fanders fields.

  2. Check your PM.
  3. I helped arrange a couple of Bottle-Fed tours for the Div HQ a couple of years ago. They had the backing of a hefty budget and a personal tour guide (Sir Richard Holmes!), but the ideas and places were good. The Best one I think was Berlin: following the Russian Advance from the Polish Border to the Centre of Berlin. I managed to keep most of the paperwork and maps and can probably obtain the other bits and pieces such as hotel addresses, points of interest. The tour was a smash hit! It runs about three days and gives ample time for the Night Life of Berlin. A good experience for SNCO level as it showed the full command structure at its best and worst.

    Another tour we did was Belgium and Holland (WW1 vs WW2), again very informative and a bloody good night out in Brussels/Arhnem. There are enough places to get financial backing and the source material is easy to follow. If you are interested gis a bell. Try contacting G3 Plans at 1 Div as well, they have a lot on archive.


  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Check your PM's

    Bit harder to conduct BS since 1 Apr 06 - AGAI Vol 1/23 gives the detail. Wouldn't concentrate on exotic tours - unlikely to be funded. Current guidance is "visits should take place only within the NATO European area and Mediterranean and only by exception elsewhere". Have PM'd you with the details of a reliable tour guide who took us to the Somme recently.

  6. 90th anniversary of Arras / Vimy at easter. The Vimy memorial has been renovated.

    Notre Dame de Lorette is also nearby and is very spoooky. excellent views of the ground from the tower above the ossuary.
  7. Moosaca, Thanks for info but unlikely to be able to sourse Richard Holmes type person.

    To others thanks, some food for thought at least

  8. Hi mate

    Try Anglia Battlefiled Tours they are on the web.

    Its run by an ex Inf CO with contact everywhere
    If you mention you got the contact here he might give you a discount - tell him Baz sent you :) (actually he probably will not remember me I was only an underling in those days) but he always says hello when he sees us on the streets

  9. Gallipoli was fantastic. The place is well kept and it wasn't till I went that I found out we had been there (not just the ANZACS)
  10. There is always me...I'm free-lance but I am quite good and strongly believe in fun, education and honouring the fallen in almost equal shares! Oooh I feel cheap now but hey, that's what happens when you let something you like doing become a source of income...I'm just a battlefield tour rent-boy!
  11. There is somewhere in Upavon where they keep all the PXRs from battlefield tours. If you give them a bell they can send you a CD with all the previous reports on. Might be of use when you decide where to go. I can't be more precise as to an address I'm afraid, but another ARRSEr might.
  12. I'm a crab and we have the Air Historical Branch at Bentley Priory, which can provide historians for Battlefield Tours. Does the army have an equivalent?

    I've done Normandy, it was ace. If you're in Germany you could do Bastogne?
  13. Did Ypres Salient last year and am going to Normandy 1 week today! Fully funded and at no cost to individuals!
    Get a copy of AGAI 23 and have a squint through that. Too much emphasis on tour guides I find, use the tour as a excuse to get all of your guys researching their stuff and able to present to the group a 20-30 minute presentation on their chosen location, action, subject etc.Do this for each location, site visited. That is what we do on ours, works very well and makes individuals more appreciative of the effort required to organise and run one of theses events, as well as more knowledgeable on the subject than if they were just listening to an "expert" waffle for 20 minutes.
    Come up with a decent itinerary/plan, a focussed training objective,and a realistic budget and you shouldn't go far wrong.Above all, enjoy. :)
  14. I just got back from a personal tour of Kwazulu Natal (Rorke's Drift, Isandhlwana, Boer War, Voortrekkers and all that) and whilst there met up with officers and SNCOs of the Yorkshire Regiment doing the same thing. They were publically funded, but were working quite hard studying tactical doctrine etc. under the auspices of a really excellent guide.
    Suggest you contact them for the gen.