Battle field Tour (Germany)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by madpad_01, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am looking into organizing a Battlefield tour but I have some limtations

    1. It can only be 1 day

    2. I am currently in Germany (Not short of places but note 3 comes into play)

    3. Needs to be Middle to Late Feb 11.

    I have looked at Berlin/Minden but I have only found tour guides open from April.

    Have done Bergan Bellson to many times

    Any Info will be of great help

    Cheers all.
  2. BERGAN BELLSON..................................................:applaud::applaud::applaud:

    And where would that be then? anywhere near Owswitch!:slow:
  3. We can provide a guide for Berlin or Minden or even Hastenbeck and Minden.

    Other options from Lower Saxony are...

    - Operations in the last days of Ww2 in the west Bremen Aller crossing etc.
    - Rhine crossing
    - Reichswald

    Our guides are UK based and you would have to pay for them to get to Germany.
  4. Have you considered the Hurtgenwald? Shedloads of US and Wermacht trenches, loads of bunkers, all in all a good day out. As for guides, I have a feeling the local Bundeswehr unit do it, or you could try contacting the Hurtgen Forest Museum in Vossenack for more info. Hope this helps.....
  5. Thanks all

    you have given me some good things to look at.
  6. Theres a good museum in Groesbeek just over the dutch border with the airborne museum( which I highly recommend, especially the basement) in Oosterbeek. from there the Nijmegen, Arnhem and the other bridges are in easy reach plus the Riechswald cemetery in Kleves ( the largest in germany) there were large battles for the nearby towns of Kleves, Goch and the Rhein xing sites of Rees and Wesel is also close by. This was crossed on around 24th Mar 1945 , where a vast amount of graves in Riechwald cemetery can be found all dated 24th March. Theres loads of places around here plenty for one day
  7. Does rather depend on where you are in Germany too.

    If you're near Berlin, try Halbe or Seelow heights. Both scenes of fierce battles.

  8. Hello All,

    I have decided to go to Berlin for the Tour.

    Does anyone know of some good Hotels that a Group can stay in (Close to the night life)


  9. Also highly recommend a walking tour with Insider Tours. For decent accom check out the many hostels in Berlin, all high quality and excellent VFM around €20pppn.
  10. Try the Amstel House in Berlin - we stayed a few nights when we entered a team for the Berlin Marathon.

    Cheap (basic) but overall pretty good. And close to the links for underground, about 20 mins walk to Brandenburg gate and the square.

    Amstel House, Berlin, Germany: Book Now!
  11. If anyone is thinking of running an Op Varsity Battlefield Tour, I would be very keen to join. I even have some very good local contacts for possible support and participation.
  12. I do a Munich Tour called "The Third Reich in Munich", Konig`s Platz Parade Ground, Gestapo HQ, Party HQ, Scene of the Uprising 1923,the old airfield Munich, the War Museum, the underground Me262 factory at Mühldorf, etc, etc depending on time available.
    I am a professional guide for this specific theme and for "Architecture and Design in Munich".
    Just give me a call. I am ready to move.
    Tip for MadPad - "Heavy Nightlife" is not fitting to a tour of this nature. Don`t try and mix the two or it will lose its seriosity and you will bugger the whole trip.
  13. Mad_Ferret,

    I have emailed the Amstel

    thanks for advice.


    LOL that was one of the Tour guides I was looking into.

  14. Thanks for the advice.

    My plan is to arrive In Berlin early do a walking tour (4 Hrs). then stop in a hotel/Hostel the night. Sample the night life. To then return home the following morning.