Battle diaries of British commanders on the front line

From The Times
July 28, 2009
Battle diaries of British commanders on the front line

Michael Evans, Defence Editor
Lieutenant-Colonel Gus Fair, commanding officer of The Light Dragoons battle group

“The battle group broke in through a bridgehead secured by the Danish battle group and fought its way south through determined enemy resistance. We subsequently cleared our way west and have now cleared the enemy from Malgir and Babji.

“This was the most intense fighting over a protracted period I have experienced in my 20 years in the Army. The men, women and equipment delivered more than we had any right to expect.

“The conditions could barely have been more testing and I’m humbled by the extraordinary bravery, determination and resilience that I witnessed from soldiers ranging from the young female medic who walked every inch of the way to the 49-year-old TA WO2 (Territorial Army warrant officer class two) who ran a sniper team.
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