Battle Damage Repair

Discussion in 'REME' started by shinyrse, May 22, 2008.

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  1. 1. Does anyone have first hand experience of industry sending reps into REME units to do presentations on BDR using their products? Is this just a glorified sales pitch or valuable training?

    2. Anyone know if there are any CAST vehicles being held as training aids for BDR / ER activities? I am aware of the class 6 training aid vehicles which appear to me to be nothing more than recovery hulks.

    Any views welcome
  2. We had two reps come out and were with us for a week seeing what we did on the Chieftains as they were having major problems with the packs,i must say they did fcuk all other than sit there and drink tea and visit the Officers mess, they did however take notes on what was said but all the mods that came over the next few years did fcuk all for the reliability of the packs,,

  3. I went to a presentation by a company called thortex, they went to the LAD at Wattisham a couple of years back and showed things like hyd pipe repairs, liquid metal and the like. We all got a list of NSNs and a certificate off attendance for turning up. I will see if I have it anywhere and post the details.
  4. I also had a couple of guys come to give presentations. One was from Loctite and the other Belzona. The loctite guty was good in that he tuned the younger tradesmen into the dos and donts about loctite. Left loads of bumf behind as well. The Belzona rep showed us the products, e-metal etc, as well and was on a push for us to order the stuff through our G10. The product was good but it was a pain to jump through the hoops to get the stuff. You had to order it through Bde and justify the BDR etc. I was in Catterick at the time and these reps were doing the Garrison.
  5. My unit had a guy from Thortex visit about a year ago who looked a bit like Jimmy Saville. The presentaion was very good. If you follow the link below to their webpage and send them an e-mail they will contact you. or