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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Spanny, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm probably showing my age but I'm sure many of the blokes here might remember Battle Comic which featured D Day Dawson , The Rat Pack , Major Eazy , Johnny Red and a few other characters

    I chanced upon this great site which is republishing the strips

    If nothing else it makes nostalgic reading
  2. Bye bye any plans to get anything done round the house this afternoon :D
  3. They're republishing them as the MoD has sought to find ways to cut the training budget.
  4. Remember "Union Jack Jackson"? - the Royal Marine who cut about with the USMC in the Pacific?(or as I pronounced it - Onion Jack Jackson)
    He had the Union Flag painted on his American bin lid by Sgt Lonnegon apparently.

    That was "Warlord" though.
  5. Don't forget Charley's War !

    I had the complete set from issue one all in folders even when they became Battle Action.

    Went downhill when they tried to combine with 2000AD though.

    They ended up on a tip a few years ago during a house move!

  6. Some of those strips brought back memories. Thanks for the link, addictive site, read one page and you just have to go on to the next to see what happens. Just like the old days :D
  7. Well if you remember Battle you'll remember Action especially Hook Jaw
  8. Commando comic was a particular favourite of mine, all that action conveniently sized to fit into a school work book...All those tails of daring do!! Oh to be a kid again!!

    I shall be visiting that link quite regularly. Nice one Spanny!

    Edited to add...I've just seen the opening page of your link and i remember that sticker sheet being issued...Fcuking wonderful!!
  9. Himmel to Betsy! The ARRSE wiki has a page on Commando War Stories, here:

    Ta very much for the Battle links :D
  10. Cheers Scouse. :D
  11. it was " War picture Library" in my day with the "Victor and the Hotspur" as my weekly comic, I can remember the "Commando" war stories first coming out, must have been about 1958
  12. dont forget "Charley's War" has been re released in annual form, about 4 volumes or so.awesome............... Titan Books!!
  13. I quite literally had the T shirt (the transfer was a free promotional gift with one of the issues.)
  14. I used to read these when very young-great stuff!
  15. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Right, that's going on the christmas list!

    I'm in Battle heaven, it's just a shame that some of the smaller characteurs haven't made it onto there yet. For example 'El Mestizo', 'War Dog' and 'The Sarge'.

    I see a few weeks of reading ahead! :lol:

    (Thanks for the link btw, great spot!)