battle camp

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. what are battle camps? ive hear about them but not anything in much detail, is just like mil skills and things?
  2. you will find out when you go.
  3. batlle camps as in warcop in cumbria

    you double everywhere you go. dont get caught out
  4. Oh the joys of battlecamp in wonderful locations such as Sennybridge, Haltern or Vogelsang.

    How we laughed - afterwards :(

    actually mate for us it was basically infantry training/live firing with obviously rifles - GPMGs - firing anti tank missiles(where allowed) and generally being messed around - but some of it is a good laugh.
    Stuff like CQB, assault course firing range - all good fun - having a panzer drive over you in a trench etc etc. Quite physical, but if your fitness is of reasonable standard then anyone should be ok.

    Of course if you happen to be the section/platoon/squadron Biff then watch out :D :D
  5. My battlecamp in Phase 1 took me to Barry Buddon, Dundee. I loved it, thought it was brilliant, live round snapping past, great fun, just make sure you pack aload of sugary sweets in your kit, you'll need them!
  6. Mmmmm Otterburn
  7. Otterburn was the main place for TAC EX's, the sun shined there once for me, and that was on the way back! Combats were just drying in the coach!
  8. otterburn

    tac ex 3

    horrible... digging in at minus 22 degrees
  9. Vogelsang................Christ I'm getting flashbacks of the tank over-run. :dead: