Battle belt problem

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Tony_40, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. alright lads this is my first post, so go easy on me

    im pretty much looking for a battle belt which fits me tight round the waist, ive had battle belts previous and they never seem to fit around my waist, because i have a 28 inch waist, i want a battle belt which fits tightly to me, with no big access straps hanging off the front of it making me look like a CROW, i dont want a belt which has padding, due to the pouches drooping down, and again, making me look like a CROW. so i was woundering if anyone knows of a web site which has this or knows of someone who can taylor to my needs, cheers lads
  2. Have you looked in Baby GAP?
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  3. ayye your a funny guy like
  4. If you don't know where to go for this sort of thing and don't know anyone in your unit you can ask about this sort of thing, then you need not worry about looking like a crow, because you are a crow.

    By battle belt do you mean a molle belt, that you can attach pouches to so you can wear it with Osprey? I have one I got from HM Supplies which is ok, but has padding so not what you're after.

    You know you could wear a normal issued webbing belt, or a roll pin belt, these have the slots on the back, though you'd only be able to attach issued pouches not molle style ones.
  5. So your after a smaller belt for your webbing then ?
  6. Think you're going to struggle to get a battle belt without padding. Can't see how having a 28" waist is an issue though. Moat companies cater for all sizes and I'm sure a few even go as small as XSmall. Either that or have you considered custom belt kit, or is there a specific reason you want a battle belt?
  7. Crow!!?? your also a funny guy like, what reg are you/ where you?? and you should know yourself that the issused webbing isnt the best like

    ive considered a custom belt like, but i dont know anyone who i can trust to do for the likes of that, the only one which did sort of fit me, the loops for the yoke broke off on Herrick 13 and id never buy another one of them like....
    the reason why id prefer a battle belt is because ive seen lads with chest regs, and mags on there ospray which got blew up and they got a face full of equipment, and no teeth, i prefer to keep mine, also they are easy to get into OP's and belly hides
  8. I served with the elite XLIX Para. It involved arduous training but we were well prepared to face the threat of the Soviet Third Shock Army rolling across Salisbury Plain.

    You, know they are issuing MOLLE belts in theatre at the moment.
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  9. fair enough... you should know well of are reg... the Royal Irish? finished air assault reg going... apparently haha

    no i didnt know that, on Herrick 13, we where lucky to get the right pouches like, some lads didnt even have the MTP ospray until mid way through the tour
  10. I see your QM issues you with as many "likes" as you want.

    As for your resoning for having "a battle belt", I think having no teeth would be the last of your worries mate.

    However, always here to help...your only answer is to put on weight or use padding. I "used" to struggle with standard webbing when we had to have our entrenching tool on it as it meant there was not enough room for all the pouches as I used to be a right racing snake. I got a pad that gave me an extra 6-7 inches around the waist, meaning I could get the belt tight enough. Dont bother with Hippo pads as they are too thin vertically. Mine came from SASS and has around an inch of padding, but looked more like a weight lifters belt. This ment that pouches sat on the padding rather than waving about.
  11. I'm not entire sure what you just said.

    The belt was/was about to be issued to the Rifle Companies and others who were going to need them as I left theatre, I never got to see one so don't know how good they are or if there are any plans to make them part of the black bag issue in the future.
  12. Tony from Ternhill, you should know better than to ask questions like that
  13. Try Sam the Tailor in Hong Kong. He might be able to work out WTF you're talking aboot, like.
  14. This has to be a wind up. Surely people as dim as this wouldn't have found their own way to the recruiting office, let alone got through training, even for the infantry :wink:

    Put on weight, space for more pie pouches. Eat pie from pouches, put on weight, space for further pie pouches. It really works!
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  15. Oi!