"Battle Back"

This initiative just been on the BBC Breakfast show. A good wee piece with the programme lead, Lt Col Fred Hargreaves (who I know - a good man) and a one legged and still serving soldier from the RAMC explaining how his life has been turned around with his participation in the programme. He is off to uni next - brilliant

Good to see some green on the box. Better to see another home grown programme working out well for the seriously injured.

Good luck to all those involved.

I looked for a link but couldn't find anything.

Perhaps anyone involved with the programme could post something. I'd like to hear more too.

I'm no computer whizz, but there's something on the MoD internet site.


If that don't work, you can figure it out fer yerself!
KhakiCrab said:

I'm no computer whizz, but there's something on the MoD internet site.


If that don't work, you can figure it out fer yerself!
Good link - thanks. What was suggested on the box was that has expanded to well beyond simply skiing, including an exchange to the US and a whole host of other adventure training type activities.

Anyone from the programme able to post?
It's a superb idea. At present the government takes 12p in every pound spent on the National Lottery as tax, to waste as it so desires. If they diverted some of this pirated cash into schemes of this sort, it would be A Good Thing.

Chances of that happening? Zero.
Battle Back was formally launched today. It has a brief (but very raw) website at www.battleback.mod.uk and further details of the launch ought to be uploaded on the MOD homepage tomorrow. There is also a Battle Back Facebook site under construction. Many thanks for your support.
Know Fred quite well, a top blerk and doing a huge amount for the injured troops.
Just got back from Lilleshall and have to say it is without doubt the best week I have had in a long while. The staff were nothing short of magnificent. It would be interesting to see if some of the CO's out there would have the balls to attend and see the state of some of their blokes attending. Every man there left that place with a new found sense of worth, mainly through their own determination, but with a large amount of help from those who work there. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you!


Edited to add : And you too RBL
Seems there is a connection to H4H!

Help for Heroes is a proud founder partner of the Battle Back programme, a UK Military initiative funded by Help for Heroes. Battle Back uses Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation to help seriously wounded Service personnel gain independence and confidence to focus on what they can achieve, rather than what they can’t.
H4H are partners of Battle Back, providing rehab with adaptive sport

This also:
The Battle Back Centre (Lilleshall) - The Royal British Legion.

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