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Now I am aware that the RA is one of the biggest corps of the army. However I thought (with the exceptions of 7 RHA & 29 CDO) they were all more or less the same.

However reading other posts on here I've realised each battery is unique. What I'm really curious about is individual battery traditions as well as uniform accoutrements and stable belts etc; do they differ from battery to battery?
Within 5 Regt RA, each Bty does indeed have a different Stable belt. 4/73 Bty also has a different beret as well. Point to note that the majority of Btys in the Regt have their roots within RHA. RA and RHA have differnet stable belt.
Blonde guy (what a gay handle - you must be cav or Air Corps?!).

Each Bty has its own unique identity. Most have honour titles and all can trace their history back to antecedent artillery companies or brigades, often from the Indian trading companies, Indian Army or Royal Irish Artillery. There are many traditions and idiosyncrasies of custom and dress - too many to mention them all here, but for example there are croix de guerre and presidential citation flashes on uniforms, battle axe men and blackthorn canes. There are Battery days where roses, leaks and other items of shrubbery are handed out or various relics paraded through the ranks.

Battery crests and symbols range from inanimate items such as keys, castles, guns etc through a whole managerie of animals and birds - without thinking very hard, elephants, tigers, eagles, dragons and bulls spring to mind. There are battery stable belts, ties, cummerbunds, cuff links etc and Regimental dress differs as well between bue and green jerseys, SD and side hats, jodphur boots and black shoes, barrack dress and lightweights. Then there are the lowland and highland tartans, the goats and the donkey wallopers. In addition there are the various tribes of steam gunnery, cloud punching and echo sounding, before we add para and cdo into the mix.

So a diverse and bastard family. As the old addage goes - "You'll never see two Gunners in the same form of dress - if you do, make the junior cut away and change!"

Hope this assists your education in the finer things of life!


don't forget Caubeens and T0S for our Liverpool Irish and Tynesdie Scottish the 204 Bty officers still wear Black Watch tartan trews in BD? They used to look effing brill when we wore them with blue HW jerseys ("wor garnseys" and balmorals.
Judging by the posts above it would appear that Battery Stable Belts are cominng back into fashion,is this correct as I seem to recall they were officially banned at some point.
Back at RD, I'm glad you jumped on it. I was moving down the page and wondering if I was going to be the first to make the correction.

Long time ago, late eighties, in 94 Loc Regt RA we used to wear a sew on cloth cap badge. Haven't a clue why, but even though it was different to a rupert's badge, you could always guarantee getting a salute chucked up if you went anywhere else, even up to RSA where they should have known better as we were only next door!
Can anyone bring me up to date on The Battle-Axe Company?, does it and the 'Tallest Man in the Battery tradition' still exist?

The Axe Badge must be one of the rarest badges in the army.
The Battle Axe are alive and well and in Larkers with 32.
When I was there, the tallest man was only about 18, and couldn't grow a decent beard (a requirement of the role) so he was replaced by the next tallest.
I'll wind my neck in then. At least they are still going. I'll admit to being a bit out of touch, I promise to buck up.
Blankety blank quiz time:

We were the only unit in the British army to fly the union flag as our Bty colours, who are we? :?
55 bty
Do i win a prize
Up until the late 80's 45 (Fd) Regt (as was) used to wear a No 2 Dress button on both epaulettes of the JHW. Any Gunner cutting around outside of Bks got used to people chucking one up.
Although not a Bty but a Regt'l dress code 25 Fd Regt RA used to wear a black polo neck at all times..Kept the feckin pain of the old shirt KF (ITCHY) away from your skin.

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