battery runner or battery commander?


The highest in the battery v the lowest in the battery!
who was the most cost effective? and usefull?
a rodney born with a silver spoon in his gob or a young NIG with a plastic spoon in his!
does any one have any anecdotes?
Do you know any battery runners who pissed in the tea he made for the BC,BK, and BSM?


War Hero
I was "volunteered" as the BC's driver for a short while during my transition from Gun bunny to Op Ack but despite all my objections I couldn't get out of it...

Until one night returning to the 432 after another long day driving him around to countless meetings he was guiding me through the woodland holding his torch with a green filter over it down by his side with the orders to stop when the torch went out..

It was hardly my fault, sitting in a warm wagon with the heater on, chinstrapped, with the engine barely ticking over driving in pitch darkness i didn't see the torch go out, it wasn't until a "Tankie" that was standing nearby banged on my side window and told me to stop that I put the handbrake on and just sat there as he bent down in front of my wagon.

He then proceeded to drag my BC from under the front of it as I had knocked him down and was about to roll over him oblivious to his plight..

I was "relieved" of my driving duties after that episode and went on to have a great time on the Op as i had always intended, and I never got so much as even a slapped wrist..
Used to hate being bty runner because at the time, the BSM's office was between the bty office and the entrance exit to the block. BSM had a bad memory and when you went past his door he would remember you name and put you down for some duty or other. Some months were definately worse than other :frustrated:

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