Battery Nicknames

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. I know 88 Arracan are known as the Rednecks, can anyone let me know other Bty nicknames?
  2. 8 (Alma) Bty is known as the Black 8 I believe

    I was in an Inkerman Bty nad everyone called us the Shitehawks, not sure that official though :wink:
  3. F (Para) Bty RHA = Yellow Dog - for obvious reasons.
  4. Thanks Guys, Welly-Head which Inkerman Battery was that?

    Thanks again
  5. Did a stint as TA Inf on S Type engagement with 132 Bty whose motif is a bengal tiger playing with a fecking firework - dangerous shit that, even for tigers!!
  6. The one that didn't have guns
  7. Dirty 30 bty
    violently ugly 14 Bty
  8. 8 (Alma) Cdo Light Battery is known as 'Black 8' because at the battle of Alma, the guns were fired so often that the gunners faces turned black with unburnt powder.

    O Battery (was in 2nd Regiment) was known as the Rocket Troop (a link with one of the Sharpe episodes). Wellington hated the rockets and when he was forced to send troops to the American campaign in 1812 got rid of them. The line in the American anthem 'The Rockets Red Glare' refers to the activities of this troop - very useful against large, static targets, useless otherwise.
  9. E Bty (The Checkerboard W*****rs)
  10. Wrong battery, maybe?
  11. Would that be "Shiney E" rather than "Super B" perhaps?

    Are you a "Chestnuts" fan? :D
  12. Doh! Of course B Bty were the Checkerborad W*****s. The other gun battery was known as Egg Battery.
  13. I remember hearing a delightful song being sung last year:

    "I would rather be in E Bty than B." Bought a tear to my eye!!!

    The mighty Chestnut Troop are known by wannabees are "Clagnuts" (mainly from other Btys in 1 RHA) but by the well informed as "Chestnut" or "The Nuts."


  14. Knob Head!!!!

    And since when have the boys from "Super B" been known as that?
  15. GBTD,

    I seem to remember you actually being in "Super B" standbye, standbye........