Battery nickname for 212 Battery?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Bilbo42, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know if 212 Battery RA (V) has a nickname other than Highland Battery and whether or not they have a specific symbol assocoaied with their battery. I know this is going to open the door for some good ones, so go ahead! Thanks, Bil
  2. Don't Know but the Weegie Bty always called them the sheep shagger Bty :D

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  3. I can confirm the Highland Battery have a crest as Pluvia Plumbum confirms. They are only known as "The Highland Battery" and the jealous weegie swines know that if you're gonna do a job right it'll be done by the Highland Battery! :)

    PS The Sheep Shagging bit, I believe, is a Blackwatch thing :wink:
  4. didn't know Btys had nicknames

    Honour titles on the other hand
  5. Realise this is an old thread and came across it via a search for old bty buds.
    But 'C' Troop, based in Arbroath used the following symbol as the Bty logo in the mid 80's during A.D. duties.


    The 'local' less than 50 msd was known as the Portcullis, hence the connection.