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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by cent05zr70, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Just got a NEW laptop. Lenovo. Question is, what's the crack with charging? Do I leave it plugged in whilst using it? Do I disconnect every so often and run it down? Modern batteries, I dunno. Any help appreciated.
  2. That's the view I take.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Stupid thought but have you read the usually tells you these things!!

    Most modern laptops have a battery monitoring system, which can detect the state of charge of the battery and modify the input via the power supply to ensure correct charge state is maintained....this can include letting the battery discharge even if the PSU is connected.

    But whether your has this I don't know.

  4. The problem with running the battery down is that you run the risk of knackering one (or more) of the cells in the battery as each cell discharges at a different rate you can have one empty cell getting current forced through it by the rest of the cells which then promptly knacks it.

    This is the actual cause of the vast majority of battery "memory" problems.

    Plus each battery has a finte number of charge/discharge cycles it can actually perform and discharging/chargeing just for the hell of it wears it out quicker.
  5. Will you be using it off the battery? If only mains use don't attach the battery.
  6. That sounds really clever. How do you tell the laptop that next time you use it, it'll be off battery so please, please don't discharge the battery just before you switch off?

    We all abuse laptops, using them in situations where we should be using desktops, but that's because they're convenient and to do otherwise would involve the constant swapping of files between machines. (What happened to "My Briefcase" - the magic folder that synchronised your laptop files with your desktop files? Laptop manufacturers/Microsoft in collusion with the battery manufacturers to increase sales of replacement batteries?)

    My 2 year old laptop's batteries are cream crackered after only two years, but that's two years of being almost constantly plugged into the mains. I have a laptop dating from 1990 that was used primarily on battery power and it'll still operate for an hour at a time on battery.

    My conclusion is that a laptop should be run on batteries and connected to the mains only for recharging or for long, critical sessions. But excuse me while I totally ignore my sensible advice because I'm too lazy to reach for the mains switch more than twice a day.
  7. Jarrod. Only a question because I genuinely dont know the answer but are you sure it will still run with the battery completely out, even if it is plugged in to the mains?
  8. Yes it will. I've seen plenty of laptops with dead batteries hum along nicely on mains, just like desktop computers which don't have batteries.

    If you have a power cut (e.g. a blackout, or the cable being yanked) then the laptop will power off immediately with no battery in it, or power off in a few seconds with a 'dead' battery. You will lose unsaved data but will not suffer damage to the system.
  9. That sounds easiest, I'll fully charge the thing and whizz it orf. I rarely use it away from a power source. Thank you.

    Just a thought. I'm retired, idle and spend too much time on ARRSE, but how the hell do you lot cover so many different topics?
    Best you don't tell me. Have to go to the pub.
  10. Grapevine, not that I dont believe you to be correct but I do question your logic. It is not the same for it to run with a dead battery in as to run with no battery in. Not saying it wont do it, just that there is not an absolute logical link between the two.
  11. If you haven't already charged it maybe best to leave it.
  12. Yes it will, most people never use them off the battery but plug it on and kill it and have never used it.
  13. I resemble your last comment. But then I abuse laptops badly and the computer itself usually dies of being dropped or having tea spilled on it before the battery gets a chance to wear out!
  14. A mate who's job it is to know these things says that, using your laptop with the battery fully charged and the mains power connected, the battery will overheat, causing damage to the battery. Taking the battery out and running off the mains, as previously mentioned, is the best way of preventing this.
  15. some laptops wont switch on without the battery inplace, i know my families hp dv7's wont and its the same for my dell studio, where as my asus one will, as a side note if your in an area prone to power cuts or your household has such great appliances as toasters or old irons that like to trip the circut breaker its advisable to use the battery.

    then again if your machine will run without the battery i would advise following the manuals' first charge process (normally plugin and wait 12+ hours before use) then remove it and about once every 6 months follow the process, remembering to keep it in a safe warm dry place so it cant short or suffer cold damage (batterys will hold a full charge for some time if stored properly but that charge will eventually disipate)

    cold is the biggest killer for batteries often causing cells to die prematurely.