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Discussion in 'REME' started by Revilles, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi, ive just passed selection and will begin basic training to become a reccy mech in april.

    I have a few questions about units in REME.
    1)How much choice do you get in what unit your sent to?
    2)Whats the difference between a Btln and an LAD?
    3)How easy is it to move between units?
    4)Can you choose which Regiment to be attached to?
    and fianally
    5)Are attachments final?

    Much appreciated:pl:
  2. 1) Not a lot on your first posting - Preferences can be submitted but don't expect miracles.

    2) As a Reccy Mech at an LAD you'll not do much recovering, as a Reccy Mech at a Bn you'll not do much recovering :)

    3) It's easy to move between units. There are several footpaths, tarmacked roads and my mates got a car and some times give me lifts.

    4) You can choose a unit you want to be attached to - there's no guarantee anyone will be listening when you make a choice!

    5) No - remain very flexible; expect the unexpected and prepare to be fooked about!

    Keep an open mind and above all else a sense of humour! Good luck and make the most of it!
  3. More seriously:

    1. Very little. You can submit a posting preference form but you will be sent where the need is. If MCM Div can match the 2 then great, if not then tough.

    2. An LAD is a small REME unit normally commanded by a REME Capt attached to a larger unit of another cap badge normally of Bn size. A REME Bn is a large independent REME unit nomally commanded by a REME Lt Col. LADs are usually more fun but you don't get to do much recovery wherever you are unless you are on ops, exercise or training.

    3. You will be posted (moved) between units every couple of years to get a wide range of experience.

    4. See 1.

    5. Yes. A posting order is an order and not an invitation to open negotiations. However, see 3.

    With the right attitude its a lot of fun.


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  4. thanks, how much choice will I get between Btln and LAD?
  5. Probably the same as every other soldier being posted... very little rising to no choice whatsoever.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Probably not a lot, to be honest, at least at first. What you will get though is a skill that is in considerable demand on Ops at the moment! Some of the things that Recce Mechs are doing in HERRICK now are truly amazing :)

    And in your Unit you'll be forced to drink lots, play a lot of sport, and become an expert at shackle recognition...

    Truly, though, a good job, and one in which every taks is different.
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  7. I'd argue that the era of drinking lots in your unit seems to have passed. Weds/Thurs night no longer seems to be the start of the weekend as most lads go home on a Friday and save their money for that
  8. Surely as a Rece Mech he would be expected to be drunk, taking a shit on the EMEs LR "for a giggle" whilst discussing the finer points of a 3-1 compensated pull and trying to start a game of Headbutts?
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  9. cheers for the help guys cant wait for april now:eye:
  10. Revilles.

    Congratulations on choosing the best trade in the Army.

    You will have the piss ripped out of you during basic, there will be a temporary lull during your trade training, and the mockery will start again at your first unit.

    It's a jealousy thing.

    The pisstaking will stop as soon as you arrive at a job, where an unfortunate driver is starving hungry, gagging for a brew and wants to be your best mate. You'll be his hero.

    Then the pisstaking will begin again as soon as his wagon is safely recovered.

    As I said, it's a jealousy thing. I finished my time as a Recovery Sergeant over 22 years ago, and I still get hit with the, thick as shit, knuckle dragging, I-don't-know-what-it-is-but-I-can-lift-it, dressed as a bag-of-shite comments, but guess what? I'd do it all again.

    And our reunion piss ups are legendary.

    You are joining a really close knit bunch of people, mega fiercly proud of their chosen profession. Don't let them down.

    Keep your head down and your chin up, work hard, drink easy and never, ever lose your sense of humour.

    Good luck chap.


  11. and that's from people who have no idea he's an ex-Knuckle Dragger! ;-)
  12. Revilles, how did you manage to fail your VM course before you've even started Basic Training? That must be a first, even for a Reccy Mech!
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  13. Bollox to you.

    Bollox to you.

    And Bollox to you.

    You see Revilles? It's non stop.

    Me and you will stick together bro. :)
  14. You be careful there Revilles.... Arte_et_Marte is a highly experienced Reccy Mech! He'll have you naked, squatting on his chest and telling him you love him before you can regurgitate the pint of vomit he's just made you drink!!!
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  15. Too right, got to break 'em in gently...:)