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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Blewitt, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on what a visit to an Inf Batt entails? Am post-AOSB, pre-RMAS

    Pm me, please...serious replies only!!
  2. Red rag to a bull I'm afraid...
  3. Serious replies only? And you want to join the Infantry? If you want a serious reply try asking the person organising the visit!

    However, since I have nothing better to do with my lunch break;

    No set formula, totally depends on where the Bn are and what they are doing and who's organising/hosting you. It can be a bit dull if half the bn are on leave for example, very exciting if everyones in camp and something interesting is happening. However, they are generally great fun - have an open mind, be enthusiastic and throw yourself into whatever they ask you to do. Usually involves shadowing a junior officer, a few interviews/chats with more senior types, at least one pysical PT session with the guys and dinner/drinks in the mess. You will probably drink a lot, might end up in town with the subbies. If you're luckly you might get some time out on excercise.

    My Bn always used to leave PO's with the junior NCO's and Riflemen for a couple of hours as well. A key part of the visit.

    Ask whoever's organising for a kit list (ie, you might need a DJ on some visits etc).

    Also, it's usually a little different from a Corps visit - because of their size and number of PO's, Corps tend to have bigger centrally organised visits which are a bit more standardized.

    Relax have a good time, be yourself and join in but try not to make a total arrse of yourself, it's a two way assessment - you're choosing a family, they are also choosing you.
  4. Thanks- glad someone else is dossing around this lunch-hour!
  5. No worries - we've all been there :)

    One other thing, don't ask as many bone questions that you could find an answer to elsewhere as you do on Arrse ;-)
  6. Just as an add on, as I'm also looking at doing a Battalion visit do you need any green kit?
  7. Where are you?
    An OTC?
    If you've had it issued, then take it with.

    If not, they may issue you a temporary set while there.
  8. Im at University but am neither OTC or TA but I'm post AOSB pre RMAS.

    Could anyone PM me with any details on a RIFLES battalion visit I've just got in contact but wouldn't mind some more details.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Read what it says above. There is no set format.

    You would do well to buy yourself a pair of boots but i wouldn't bother with CS95 if you haven't been issued any: they'll find some for you if you need it.
  10. I currently work on a building site and the only boots I have are my work ones which are battered yellow caterpillar type things. Would it be poor form to turn up in these?
  11. Not if you want a very short interview at which coffee will not be served
  12. go out and buy some boots mate!
  13. Just cost me £20 off ebay for a pair of reasonably decent looking boots so worht a look... as long as they turn up
  14. [wah.]

    No problem. Ovverwise, turn up in yer kickin' trainerz like.

    They'll give u some respec' aiight.