Battalion on deployment?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Tw@er, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. If your battalion is on deployment when you get there what happens? Do you join them in some form over there?
  2. If its anyhting like my Regiment done it, you will do all the Pre deployment training then hold in a Battle Casualty Replacement(BCR) Troop and deploy when needed.
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  3. Look in for 'On the bus, off the bus fastballs' nephew and 15 odd other Toms were told by OC rear party, 'Sorry Lads, I don't think that you'll be needed for the remaining months of the tour so we're puting you with a BG that's off to BATUS '

    ....3 hours later. 'Get your kit, you're offski'
  4. How does pre deployment work though, cause presumably there wont be loads of new people to the battalion? Cheers also for the quick reply!
  5. PM inbound
  6. Pre Deployment will be run away from Regiment and will be for all sorts of weird and wonderful units. You might be shipped off to Warminster with you and a couple of mates and you will do a package along side anything from snipers to RAF chefs. I was at y unit for 10 days when i got sent to Iraq in 2003, so once you clear Phase 2 you're a soldier and as Nato said, prepare for a fast ball from hell.
  7. Alternatively: Mag on, stag on!

    There's always a spot on the Rear Ops Group.
  8. Cheers for the sound information both of you. Still got a year before all that but here's hoping I get to go...but Best be careful what I wish for.
  9. I would expect you to get stuck on rear op's and get some barrier time in along with helping out with any other stuff deemed necessary as and when.
    These can vary from family days etc. organised by the welfare office, fundraising appeals in town for your Bn. and / or other certain charities to funeral parties if your Bn. are unfortunate enough to suffer any fatalities.
    Don't assume that you'll be stuck at home though, as the last time I was on tour we had a couple of lads turn up while we were on r & r, and while they recieved some PDT before joining us, I can't say to what extent apart from RSOI in theatre.
  10. Another question I didn't want to start a new thread, can some one shine some light on the specialist roles at battalion such as sniper, mortar man and recce. As in training, selection and is there a certain amount of time you've got to wait or grade you have to reach? Thanks.
  11. Whole bunch of us rocked up to Battalion while they were on Herrick. We basically just got put in Rear Ops Coy as BCRs (our PDT basically consisted of MATTS, lessons, a week of OPTAG (the death by power point week) & 2 week RSOI if you were fortunate enough to get a stint in theatre as a BCR.

    If it's a multi battalion regiment most of the new people rock up to battalion a few months prior to deployment so beef up the coys

    As said plenty of on the bus off the bus, mundane fatigues, getting fucked about & guys getting loaded on their Cat Cs etc. Lots of duties to look forward to as well :) .

  12. TBH , you're taking the pi55 the Inf page on the army website for roles.....and don't expect to go anywhere apart from Rifle Coy for about 18 months - 2 yrs, or until you've a tour or two under you belt....but it's not totally unheard of for newbies to go straight to certain Support Platoons if there's a real need.

    Most Sppt Pls will run an internal cadre..... pass that and you're in on most occassions. Selection, or how tough the cadre, is depends on the role.

    Remember that these cadres are mainly for Bods who have done a bit of time in a Rifle Pl, going straight to Sppt Coy from Basic is an invitation for you to be known as the Nig.......forever!

    Not a nice name to have for your whole career...better to have one like 'Punchy' or 'Slasher'
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  13. Thank you for all the Advice, you have been most helpful.