Battalion of Soldiers fail drug tests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UORMan, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. IIRC a load went from a Scots Bn more recently.

    The 'Cancun' Platoon.
  2. Maybe you're in a chipshop outfit, Pepe.

    Or maybe your blase attitude to drugs and a 'do as you please' attitude has affected the unit to the point where they don't bother litter picking either...
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  3. Like we all know, users have always been the most vocal with their justification of using it, and they go into great depth ( often crushingly dull) with their explanations .....

    Why, It's almost as if their reasoning has been skewed and affected by some kind of substance? - some kind of substance that turns them into dull, monotonous, self justifying, self indulgent, irresponsible, druggie ,junkie scum, cnuts.
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  4. Happy days....I'd rather be policing but to old for that wary malarky now. I do miss '17' though. That was the but number of my MP5...I'm still mean and moody though. CetA bro
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  5. What's all this CetA stuff?

    Is that where you buy your clothes?
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  6. If you have to ask......;):salut:
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  7. Squaddies are 'Tested' by Orderof Parliament.
    Why oh why are Parliamentarians, Lords & Commons, not tested for surely they have a more responsible position.

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  8. Funny the Royal Navy used guns to get the buggers hooked in the first place.
    Strangely ironic that nowadays they're used to stop drug running after they were the biggest suppliers in history.
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  9. Like they say, Money talks.................

    but it don't sing and dance , and it don't walk ...

    Cheers Neil, you Heebie tw@t ;-) .. toda raba

  10. Drugs are still sh*t and users are still losers.

    Unless you think we should use similar logic to bring back slavery?
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  11. So indulge me what is a "user" in your mind?
  12. Someone who uses illegal drugs. Or legal ones illegally or overmuch.
  13. And they are losers how?
  14. You say unfortunately, I say thank god. Life is miserable enough, let alone never being able to enjoy a drink.....

    You could say the same about the health issues caused by the enormous pollution caused by the internal combustion engine and most methods of generating electricity, but would you rather walk everywhere and sit in the dark & cold of a world without any of the technology electricity provides?
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