Battalion of Soldiers fail drug tests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UORMan, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. I won't discuss or argue my case anymore as i've heard the for and against debates plenty of times TBH.

    I grew up in area where proper ganga/weed was the way of the world and now it's skunk/charlie...... i have my deeply held opinions and have tried to move with the times and alter them and try to tell myself that i ought to change and not be an old fart , but everytime i see a crack head wreck of a man (weekly) or smell some scrote stinking of skunk (daily) ..or some other knob on something that makes them act/talk/behave like a deluded annoying cnut . and that also includes deeply cared for family members, i say 'Nah, that shit just ain't for me'

    I say that about over doing booze too.
  2. Glad that there's still a few like you about
  3. So you agree, if you kick the arse out of it then nail 'em, a couple in the evening is ok? Exactly what I've pointed out.
  4. Only evenings and weekends though.

    To be honest, it is heading towards where i am more the norm than used to be, certainly in the reserve, but that is I think the result of recent deployments - people actually being mobilised, therefore need to be be able to do the job. We still can go and get hammered, just not when it will affect work.
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  5. Yes. For substances which are clear of your system in the timescales specified.
  6. I'm not disagreeing with you, I don't drink or take drugs, but we live in a world where people do. Those people also around you all the time, you won't know it but the idea that someone who takes drugs HAS to be a smack head who has a dog on a string is balls.
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  7. Yep, I've colleagues who drink on skool nights...their business not mine, but i can see that they are not always 100% at work due to the effects ..

    Me, i don't drink FA during the week or any night where i have to drive the next day ...genuine special occasions will be the odd, not even monthly, occurrence, to break that habit......but come Friday or Saturday, i'll drink like a fecking fish and enjoy it twice as much knowing that i have no responsibilities to perform the next day.
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  8. Mine is that I don't have to take up to 4 different painkillers, a muscle relaxant and something to stop my gut rotting thanks to two of the painkillers.
  9. My view is that a beer or two every day after work to unwind, when not driving, is not a problem.

    A beer or ten every day after work to unwind, on the other hand.

    I apply the same to marijuana use. Chill with a couple if you want, don't come into work still half-monged the next day.
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  10. For sure, and i'm not saying that a top surgeon who has white powder livener during a long shift saving lives is the same as a dull stoner ....that's obvious, no doubt it's the same with Lawyers and high level Financiers or others in what is seen as working in high pressure jobs , like i say their business not mine.

    I'm just not into mind altering substances, and believe that there's a time and place for most things ...except those.
  11. Then, given the medical uses for many a substance that can be classed as "illegal" or "legal", the real problem is not the actual substance but the abuse of the substance, whether that is alcohol, "illegal drugs" or prescription medication as all three types can screw with your mind if abused but all can be used in a beneficial manner when used properly.
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  12. KOSB lost 7 from one test in Cyprus iIRC.
  13. If the chronic effects of alcohol and tobacco were known at the point that they were first discovered, I suspect they would have been banned immediately. Unfortunately, we're now living with the fallout of that scientific ignorance. They're now so entrenced in society that it would be impossible to do the sensible thing 'for the good of society' and ban it. Doors and stables and all that.

    Drugs however, are a different kettle of fish, in that, they are unlawful which prevents them from becoming the norm and the acceptable.
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  14. Ok mate, you're beginning to sound a like another junkie apologist .....i don't care if people want to screw their lives previously mentioned it won't alter my view on the wrecked lives i see on the street and elsewhere.

    It doesn't mean that i haven't read about or can't accept the medicals benefits of LSD, on say PTSD victims, marijuana for pain relief , opium/heroin etc for the same reasons .....sound goods, my anti drug views are about social use of mind altering drugs that can, and often do, turn people into even big tw@ts than they were already.....just like alcohol abuse does.

  15. Spoken like a true Greenjacket you doing?