Battalion life?

Discussion in 'REME' started by harris921, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Whats day to day life like in a Battalion? Working hours? lunch breaks? Do you ever work shifts? How often do you do PT? How often do you do a field exercise? How much bull shit is there? Parades, Inspections, etc, etc. Do you get Wednesday afternoons off for PT? Do you finish early on a friday? Do you work weekends?

    Obviously when doing it for real on operations like afgan I appreciate you guys will work 24 hours a day, and if you do have some free time you are probably still on call. Just wanted to know more about life in a Battalion/unit really.

  2. Not the easiest of questions to answer really. It depends on where abouts the unit you are, your trade, rank and which Bn you are talking about.

    In my experience the LADs tend to be busy with more spannering and less exercises.
    The CS Coy tend to do less in the workshop but spend a lot more time doing ISTs, CASREPs and deploying on exercise (in support of other units or training).
    Packs platoon seem to do more overtime than anyone else but excerise seems cushy.

    As far as parades go there is the usual Monday morning muster parades, large scale A affairs and all that goes with that.

    All that aside I enjoyed my time at Bn as there are some real oppurtunites to pursue sports, Adv Training, get yourself on courses etc.

    To use an old saying though it is what you make it so give it a go you might just like it.

    *waits out for abuse:)
  3. Thanks, any more thoughts guys?
  4. Avoid Battalions.
    Imagine all the pricks in REME in the same place at the same time - this is a batallion.
  5. Although I agree that Fitter Sections are the way ahead, I think your well thought out comments are a little on the harsh side. Have been in LADs that are full of pumpers.

    Yes there is less oppurtunity to deflect bull***t but then it depends on the unit your are attached to doesnt it. At least in Bn you will get a CR written by your own capbadge and be (hopefully) surrounded by people that agree that fixing the kit is your number one priority rather than attending briefs on why the Infantry are so much better than you or the history of the bone RLC Sqn you are in.

    Not trying to say that Bn is the best thing since beer flavoured kebabs but its not as bad as people make out.

    Opinions are like *********...etc

  6. Just to hammer the point home.
  7. Yawn.

    If you have served at one, that must have been the one with all the pricks in the same place.

    As with any posting it all depends on the personalities there and what you make of it.
  8. Never served in a REME Bn (thank f uck). Life anywhere in the Army is what you make it. Find outside work interests, sports local culture groups or whatever. Don't listen to the guys who tell you that life is shiite in a Bn. It's up to you to make it work for yourself. To explain my first statement (Never served in a REME Bn (thank f uck) unfortunately there are far too many busybody officers that stick their noses in where neither required nor wanted nor helpful.
    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  9. A Day In The Life Of a REME Bn as a VM.

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    6;eat last nites kebab with man mayo
    7;go to "work"
    8; look at list of jobs to be done and just think "ah feck it a guy at 1st line that has to work for his money can fix it"
    9; when receive a fone call from said first line bod asking for spares so he can do ur job be extremely unhelpful!!! "no u cant have it!!!!"
    10; go on naafi break from 0845-1400
    11; feck off on AT or back to ur spunk smelling crack den of MB70
    12; realise that everyone else in the REME hates u, so sign off or hang ur self!!!!
    13; get tech to untie ur shoe laces so u dont have to cut them off and use new ones for the next day!
    14;realise what u could have won ie a 1st line posting!!!
    15;return to number 1
  10. Judging by your spelling, grammar and the content of your post I have no choice but to crown you "Throbber of the Week"

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