BATSUB and other jungle/tracking related training

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  2. No one got a clue?
  3. Anybody could spare a copy of Pam 6 - Military Tracking??
  4. To answer your questions:

    All jungle training is done in Brunei now? I believe so, there may be a couple of courses left to run in Belize before it closes.

    - How is it with tracking in British army? Is it required, let´s say, to have one qualified guy per platoon or something like that?

    In theory one per sub-unit. In practice possibly one per regiment.

    Do you guys actually conduct some follow-up ops in A-stan? (Maybe it´s considered OPSEC, maybe not, I respect that)

    There is some pre-deployment training in respect of ground signs awareness focussed on identifying IEDs.

    - Does some British manual exist about tracking? Is it restricted?

    Yes and yes.

    Anybody could spare a copy of Pam 6 - Military Tracking??

    No. If you require a copy for official purposes the Czech military may be able to get a copy on your behalf by contacting IDT(A).
  5. Thanks mate... I will try to ask some british instructors working in Vyškov as a BMATT staff. What´s IDT??
  6. International Defence Training (Army). The branch of the British Army which deals with loading personnel from foreign armed forces onto British Army courses.
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