Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Good or bad?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DrGonzo1, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Just watched this at the local screen, amazing film, never walked out of a film and felt completely happy with what I've seen.

    Obviusly the totty that plays cat women (real name?) was brilliant.

    Also, how much did Tom Hardy have to build up for that roll as bane? Fcuking beast!

    Anyone else seen this? What are your views?

    P.S I looked around (using search) no other threads I'm aware of about this film. Apologise if there is already.
  2. Ann Hathaway.
  3. Tom Hardy was in this last year Warrior (2011) - IMDb so probably didn't need to bulk up too much to play Bane.
  4. He also bulked up for playing Charles Bronson "Britains most dangerous prisoner" AKA "Daft twat that spends 30 yrs locked up cos he's too thick to conform."
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  5. That's the one.

    I also watched warrior the other day. Good film. But he is absolutely massive in batman. Maybe it's just the mask and funny outfit he dons ?
  6. Felt the same way about the latest Batman installment as I did with Prometheus - that I'd been ripped off with plot inconsistencies, unanswered questions etc to get sucked in to paying for the subsequent sequels. Still the best the cinema has to offer this summer though (unfortunately).

    Tom Hardy was ace as Bane though, good character performances & brings a lot to a film just like Mark Strong.
  7. I completey agree with everything you've just said.

    Though Batman was far better than Prometheus.

    Banes voice did sound like Patrick Stewart however.
  8. The dark knight was better easily but I think dark knight rises was still good.

    Bane was easily the best thing in the film by far! They should of just made the film about him? Pretty much did already.
  9. Banes back story seems familiar
    bane shredder.JPG
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  10. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I was disappointed. weak plot (sending every single cop into the sewers?, underground prison from which they have to climb up the wall instead of using the rope which was hanging there !!!!. SAM`s that are slower than a heli !! ) The baddy was about as threatning as a disco bouncer, not a touch on Heath Ledger in the last film.
  11. Teenage mutant ninja turtles?...
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  12. Did they ever explain precisely what Name's hold on his men was? I know they were all orphans and that they were working on a plan to change the order of things, but that doesn't seem reason enough for his men to happily die for it.
  13. *Bane's
    Sodding autocorrect.
  14. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't think it was great. I contemplated seeing it again because I felt like maybe I'd missed something. It was a good film, but definitely not better than Dark Knight, and even a bit disappointing in comparison to it.
  15. Hard to equal the last one, which was a bit stodgy but had Ledger's sparkling Joker.

    Kotke had this on a possible inspiration.
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