Batman bailed for allegedly assaulting his mother

Wasn't he born in Wales? Apropos of nothing, of course...


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Thought Batman's parents were dead ?
Maybe he was just getting into character?

Perhaps next week he will take in a faithful young ward who enjoys wearing tights?
He lashed out at his mother and sister, same person. I heard he has eleven toes and fourteen fingers with a second head growing out the small of his back.
When i heard he'd been arrested, i thought he'd been Robbin'..............................I'll get me coat :D
dropshortjock said:



Quite a departure from the sixties version.... :x

Didn't you guys have a guy dressed like batman climbing Buckingham Palace a ways back?
He thought his Mam was a joker :)

If the answer is cock Robin - what's the question ?

What's that pressing against my arrse Batman ?
Oh to have been a fly on the wall when he was lifted:

Right then Sir. Your name please?


Yes Sir, hilarious. Let's try again shall we? Your address?

Gotham City.

Constable. Take this joker to the cells.

No, not the Joker... Batman!

(Sound of cell door being slammed)
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