Batlskin Modular Melon Protection System

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by This_Tribe_Rob, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    I was intrigued to see the Batleskin modular helmet recently shown at DSEI - mainly because of its dramatic looks. It does though bring out the cynic in me - is this all fancy photos, spiderman-goes-to-war camouflage and marketing? Jumping on the 'modular' band wagon?

    Does anyone need a 'lightweight wire framed mandible guard'? I'm sure that you can find an excuse to cover your chin in armour, but that does sound fairly useless.

    More here:

    Revision Military Unveils New Helmet To Protect Soldiers Against Various Threats | Ottawa Citizen Blogs

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  2. At what point does your connection (vision, hearing etc) with your environment reduce to the point of being

    It's all getting very HALO/space marine

    Do you sell these?
  3. If the "mandible guard" offers the same sort of ballistic protection as the helmet shell, then it might actually be the way of the future. I always had particular sympathy for those old soldiers who'd had their jaw shot off; thats possibly one of the most dreadful wounds to survive with.
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    Firing your rifle or any weapon system with the mandible guard fitted, looks like it might be awkward.
    Plus your peripheral vision would be reduced.
  5. I could only see things like that being useful for people who won't have to fire their weapon from the shoulder, like people on top cover using .50s and GMGs. However the Gimp raises a good point, we're taught to never wear the hood on your smock as it reduces your hearing and can restrict your situational awareness, how would a full face helmet like this get round that problem?
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Going to sweat like a Catholic priest at a boy scout jamboree in that thing...
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  7. I guess next thing would be some sort of laser spot aiming device that actually works
  8. Thats a good point! better all round protection for topcover, and you could paint mean/walty looking stuff on it. Big teeth, sharks jaws etc.
  9. That'd only be a problem with the current batch of small arms; given the low recoil of 5.56 in particular, there is no reason why the butt assembly and sight optics could not be configured to suit a full-face helmet.
  10. And a visor + full heads up display would appeal to the playstation generation no end , it'd be like playing halo, till it steams up! Can see the SSM on his quad wearing one now...
  11. I have no idea what the current CBRN threat is in AFG, however it strikes me as with most things it is only a matter of time. A helmet like that would require a major redesign of current CBRN equipment.
    I have done enough work in resi's in buildind entrys etc to know how restricted your vision is, then there is the problem of fogging/misting, even with good drills it difficult to avoid. As has been said we were never allowed to wear a hood under normal circs, it reduced hearing restricted vision and disconnected you from your environment.

    Tis in my very humble opinion a waste of money.
  12. They could twin it with something like the 3M Peltor headphones that amplify sound up to a certain Decibel level but cut out for gunshots.
  13. Looks like a glorified public order visor to me.
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  14. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    If the chin piece was armoured can see why top-cover might use it as crow-bag said, but I don't think it is. The only need for wind protection that springs to mind is free-fall. I've never done any military parachuting so couldn't comment on whether the HALO mask has some problem that means this would be an improvement.

    From more humble motocycling experience though I would have thought a long chin piece (the fashion for a while in the 80s) would be a pain as it wind would start twisting the helmet on your head. This chin piece is not very long but I would guess not ideal at free falls speeds.

    Sound? If using radio-only comms in a noisy environment?

    Going in to combat with something as restrictive as a motorcycle helmet on though just seems like a really bad idea (once upon a time I'm sure people said the same about wearing camouflage clothes instead of red ones!).
  15. Here you go lads! Paint this green and tan.....

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