BATLS Manual


Before anyone flames me yes I have tried th search function.

ISTR that the BATLS manual used to be available online (WWW not intranet), is this true or have I just been at the crackpipe again?

If it is true, could someone post or PM a hyperlink please.
Check PM's for 2005 advice


BATLS 2008 manual will be on the streets shortly - if not already - contact the BATLS team at FBH for a copy on CD Rom


BATLS January 2009 edition 4.1 JSP 570 has landed. Would have thought the Batls team would be able to supply. I've been told that it's also on the the Intranet.
I've recently joined a Commonwealth Army as a medic after doing my time in the RAMC, I am looking to source a copy of the 2009 BATLS Manual in order to establish an evidential 'baseline' for recognition of prior learning within this particular organisation. Currently there is no means to establish what Brit Mil quals equate to over here. If you are not prepared to send the manual itself can you 'pm' me contact details of whom to contact.

I am more than happy to establish my credentials via PM or other means.


Try AMD Headquarters, Former Army Staff College, Sandhurst in Camberley - google it

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