batls/barts, trauma assessment, a/e etc

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by hollykimalan, May 29, 2006.

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  1. I am looking for some material to help explain the armys approach to trauma assessment. I have lost all my own gear relating to batl/barts stuff. Anything online?
    I am out of service at the moment and looking to rejoin and fancy brushing up on stuff.
    alan r
  2. Try Googling???
    There was a website for BATLS & BARTS, but it's been taken down recently. Probably due to the current restructuring of the course - don't ask me what how or why I'm only repeating what I heard...................... :roll:
  3. Check your inbox,

    BATLS and BARTS is no longer available for CMTs, nurses only apparently, Military acute care (MAC) is supposed to be taking over. The book is available in electronic and paper versions. but I've not seen any course dates or objectives yet.
  4. I'm afraid your wrong there. Yes the lean has been made towards the MAC Cse but CMT's can still acess BATLS, as it is universaly known as now.

    The course looks at the aproach, not just from the pre hospital environment but through the echelons of care so a CMT should'nt be disadvantaged. Although in its infancy the "new and improved" Cse is definately moving in the right direction. Some new blood with recent experience has injected some much needed life into the course.

    Try looking into Quickclot and Intra Osseous devices if you want a heads up. They have some new fangled chest examination mneumonic, but nothing anyone who knows they're stuff cant get around.
  5. Pity my training wing is sending us the wrong info then...
  6. As far as I understand it, the major change to BATLS/BARTS that distinguishes it from the Military Acute Care (MAC) package for CMTs is that BATLS/BARTS is no longer individual training but team training. So in theory it won't be possible to go on the course as a singleton but rather as formed clinical team that could comprise MOs, NOs, RGNs, CMTs, ODPs or whatever. The focus is on team skills, drills and patient management - the necessary clinical pre-training standard will therefore be higher as they will generally expect you to already have most of the knowledge before you arrive.

  7. Sounds like it to me, as i was there last week and there was most definatley CMT's on the course.

    I think the misconsception comes from the fact the course used to be attended by all class ones, where as now the MAC is for the masses but BATLS is for those destined for specific roles.
  9. Hemcon. Is a dressing that has similar properties.

    Quckclot as a manufacturer are looking into the problems identified with its product. I believe they are making a "T bag" dressing to prevent the wind blowing it into peoples eyes.

    as for the idiots using it wrong, thats what courses and clinical governance are all about.
  10. Don't you fecking swear at me :wink:
  11. Thought i'd get it in early so as not to upset the Maffia!