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Can someone explain to me the point of completeing a survey about a user that has been on the site for 2 months, asking questions if we know them and if we know their entire lifesyle and does that refect apon us ? then asking questions about the user as a company ? and if they buy stuff well ?

I really think who ever thought up this survey was writing it for another site and got mixed up, or had to much to drink the night before.

(still completed it, hey £250 :) for scrambling my brain for a few minutes )
OK it was a bit mixed up. I stuck with it as I thought it was to help a student with their coursework. As they say 'every little helps'


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I think the questions were a bit 'stock phrase' based, but i can understand the point of the questions about the short term user...basically it is a check to see how gullible and open to spam junk we all are. Have we taken him at face value or have we checked his profile and come to the conclusion he is a spam generating troll?

again 2 minutes for for a possible £ brainer.


Bad CO

Unfortunately not - we're merely promoting it because they asked us nicely!

Anyone else wants to be in with a chance to win £250 then click here.
Must admit the bits about products confused me but then most things do.

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