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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by wompingwillow, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Well I said in a previous post about Matt Stevens that drug taking was ( allegedly rife amongst the players but I have to say even I've even been taken aback by just how deep it goes,

    First 3 to resign went today, apparently many more to follow

    Co-captains Michael Lipman and Alex Crockett, together with wing Andrew Higgins, have quit Bath Rugby with immediate effect.

    The trio were due to attend a disciplinary hearing at the club today having failed on three occasions to take a drugs test but resigned immediately beforehand.

    And to think I let Lipman near Hamilcar:

  2. It was common knowledge that they would all be out after the match in the Blue Rooms getting off their faces on Coke.

    I'm suprised it took so long!
  3. Never happen here up in Gloucester, there all to busy getting pissed, then either punching pub/club goers or driving :)
  4. Beat me to it!!
  5. It just pees me off no end, the whole of Bath, hell the whole of the Rugby world knew of the problems but the club themselves just seemed to have ignored it in the hope it would go away, my parents ran a city centre pub in Bath for years so I ( as with many Bath people) have little love loss for past or present Bath players and their behaviour. I fell out of love with football and in love with rugby because I naively believed that Rugby players still had some passion and some pride and the game hadn't been spoiled by greed and wrong I was, prehaps I should just go back to the kitchen were I belong and forget about sport supporting
  6. The majority of Rugby is still about pride, and all things good. God forbid that club rugby lowers itself to the standards of homoball.

    Next year will be the last for Bruce the mighty Rehana at Saints, and looks to be a good season.
  7. Prae predicts a Top 4 finish for Northampton next season. You heard it here first!

    Seriously though, are the RFU going to discipline the club? There clearly needs to be some man-management done at the club.
  8. I'd go with 3rd place :)

    I'm not sure if the RFU will get involved. The club appears to be dishing out punishment enough.
  9. My bold. I echo exactly what you said there. Guscott was a fcuker for acting like he owned the whole City and I'm sure some of the existing players are the same. I'm p1ssed off no end that these blokes are stupid and selfish enough to let the club and the fans down like that. You would have thought it would have been time to stay out of the headlines after the Stevens affair!
  10. Unfortunately not all 3 and Stevens all walked before pushed or given heavy fines by the club
  11. Forget the kitchen, you're a crap cook :D

    Get back to the bedroom instead :wink:

    Willow mate, did you honestly think that the things that feck up the world of football would pass rugby on by?

    For all their passion for the game, I think generally they are still young blokes who have been put into a bit of stardom and a bit of cash. And no end of temptations to indulge in

    And there was this guy as well:

    Justin Harrison has announced his retirement from rugby after leaving Bath by mutual consent.

    The 35-year-old requested an early release from his contract at The Rec following an alleged incident during the club's end-of-season party.

    At this rate I'm going to have to get my boots on

    P.S Mac with a statement like that you'll give the impression that you've ever been worthy enough to share air space with me
  13. And watch Lipman and friends get snapped up by the Falcons or Leeds, as they havn't actually committed an offence.
  14. IF the drug tests were only on a club level then I can see the RFU just giving them a hefty fine, if it was RFU or Sports England drug tests they are looking at what a year, two year ban at most, I don't remember what Rio Ferdinand got for missing his test but I know it wasn't long and didn't do his footballing career much harm.