Bath Races - The Wurzels

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. Oooooooooooh fuck....I am not inconsiderably damaged by a bucket of rough cider.

    Still Lady Luck was kind to me and especially kind to TFB...her £2 bet on the last race reaped £125 quid in return!

    Now I want to die. Quietly.
  2. Ahhh the delights of rough cider!! It always seems a good idea at the time,alas reality hits really hits the next morning! You know what they say though Cuddles,a little bit of what makes you bad makes you better!
  3. Two pints of Bounders later, I tend to agree!
  4. I saw the Wurzels (on the last occasion) at Yeovil Ski Lodge. They only had 2 Cider taps. It was carnage. Wurzels were, as per, fantastic. Only drawback, the then new mrs Morsk (a johnny foreigner) didnt quite appreciate all the subtle nuances...... Makes me proud to be a Janner.....
  5. While Adge Cutler & the Wurzels were good, for me Shag Connors and the Carrot Crunchers were better!!!
    Big up the Scrumpy & Western :)
  6. You knows it my 'andsome!
  7. Cideroiup lan' I Berkshire? Be I buggery, I comes up from Wareham, i knows a gal with calico drawers and i knows how to tear 'em!
  8. Hahaha. Now you'm talkin' bay!

    Check out "Never mind the Bullocks". Its a little dated now, as its all covers, but it does the job...
  9. The Wurzels were playing Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle Park this weekend. And I'm in Afghanistan. Bugger!
  10. The choices as a lad in South Devon..........Cripple Cock (which is what it did) or Widdecombe Wallop (which was the noise you made as you hit the ground later on that night). The Wurzels, legends that they are, would have been wasted on me once I was on my third pint of warm and cloudy. Janners of the world, sing out for cider. I still can't resist it.
  11. Brewmeister...........keep safe.
  12. The Coronation Tap in Clifton, Bristol is the only place to drink cider. When I lived there the landlord had very strict rules:
    1. Don't get amorous in the bar - you'd get thrown out just for putting your arm round her.
    2. Until you were known the limit was two pints of rough.
    3. No woman would be served with rough, they were allowed only a half of sweet.

    Adge Cutler was an extremely clever man - until he crashed his MGB on his way home from a gig (probably in a rather inebriated state). His songs are pure genius but very few people knew that he had a place in Spain (which he loved) and spoke fluent Catalan.
    A fun tour of the West Country may be had just by visiting the places mentioned in his songs and that includes a whole day in and around Bristol visiting the areas mentioned in 'Dees Gotten Wur Dee Cas'n Back 'n' As'n'. The mental hospital at Barrow Gurney (...I'm off to Barrow Gurney to see my brother Ernie... from 'Drink Up Dee Zuider') was closed but is still worth a visit (Barrow Gurney Hospital – Bristol | derelicte – urban exploration.
  13. Coronation Tap! Cripes, that takes me back. What about the Ostrich? Down behind the old BRI somewhere, last pub to sell Kingstone Black cider, they'd only sell it in half pints. Gurt 30 stone 8ft dockers, you could'nt see the glass in their hands. Come closing time (10 o/c) roll out of the bar and brawl you way over the road into the dock. How we larfed!
    45 years ago, I can't beleeeve it!
  14. Kingstone Black. Now 'ees talkin bay! Can ee still ged 'in? if zo, where to?

    Sorry. Flashbacks. Homesick now.

    Mmmmmmm. Cider.
  15. What about the woman who sold prawns on Sunday nights in all the pubs down the Gloucester Road? Always used to get a pack (along with 'The War Cry') in the Bristol Flyer at the bottom of Pig Sty Hill by the old public baths.